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The long-awaited crack in the regime has finally appeared



Trump really stepped in it with his “jail kids” policy. Reaction from everywhere has been swift and outraged. I first blogged on this last week, when I was so upset I issued a CAUTION warning my readers of strong language. Now, the anger I felt is shared among nearly all Americans, except the racists at places like Breitbart (which is hemorrhaging readers) and Fox “News” and, of course, some 60% of Republicans.

The White House is on deep defense. The loathsome Kellyanne Conway, attesting to her Catholic beliefs and her motherhood, confesses that “Nobody likes this policy,” but then she defends it anyway. Crocodile tears.

The media knows this is a good story and so they’re running with it. The Trump regime hates that. They would love for the media to ignore the scandals and instead headline their stories, their propaganda, the way Fox does. But that’s not going to happen. Seizing children from their parents and then locking them up in cages in the desert is simply irresistible if you’re CNN, MSNBC or the New York Times. The visuals–the video of sobbing, frightened babies and a befuddled staff who doesn’t know what to do…religious leaders denouncing it…Melania Trump and Laura Bush outraged…the animal fear in the eyes of Republican politicians forced to comment…Trump’s massive lie that “It’s the Democrats’ fault”–it’s a made-for-T.V. crisis.

The regime is insisting there will be no change to the policy; Trump’s Homeland Security secretary said she wouldn’t apologize to anyone, and she reiterated the lie that the child imprisonment scandal is the fault of Democrats. But I have a pretty good nose for news, and I sense that the outrage and indignation about this policy is such that, sooner rather than later, Trump is going to be seeking some face-saving solution that ends the forced imprisonments, and may well even include a conclusion to the DACA problem. Moreover, the solution will not repeat not include funds for a Wall, for the simple reason that Democrats have no reason to support that. They have more leverage over Trump right now than they’ve had in the year-and-a-half since he’s been in office, and they know how to use that to their advantage. There is no clamoring for a Wall (except from Breitbart-Fox rightwing propagandists) but there is a massive clamoring to end this cage-the-kids program. This particular White House is not adept at reading tea leaves, but this is no mere tea-leaf problem; it’s a hurricane that will devour the Trump regime and imperil the midterms for every Republican who does not speak out forcibly against it.

So this is it: the crack in the regime we’ve been waiting for. I’ve known it was coming. Trump’s personal moral ugliness and reprehensible character are what has caused this. Many of us have known it all along: now, everyone else in America knows what a monster he is. If Democrats are looking for a Major Issue to run on in the midterms (besides Trump’s character), they’ve found it: jailing innocent children seized from their mothers’ breasts at the border. We’re winning in the polls bigtime: Trump is losing; even tea party Republicans like Ted Cruz are flipping. We can bring Trump down, save the kids, save the Dreamers, and flip Congress in November. Keep up the pressure!

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