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Trump and pardons



Following his unexpected pardon of the rightwing nationalist, Dinesh D’Souza, President Trump announced more pardons for the following individuals.

  1. John Wilkes Booth, “Posthumously, for his love of country and faithfulness to the cause of white supremacy.”
  2. Adolf Hitler, “Posthumously, for Making Germany Great Again.”
  3. Timothy McVeigh, “Posthumously, for his contributions to the construction of a new Federal building in Oklahoma City.”
  4. Omar Mateen, “The Pulse Nightclub shooter, for his tireless belief that marriage is between a man and a woman.”
  5. Dennis Hastert, “The former Republican Speaker of the House, for his love and affection for young boys.”
  6. Benito Mussolini, “Posthumously, for inspiring me, Donald J. Trump, with his speech-making style.”
  7. Joseph McCarthy, “Posthumously, for his contributions against Communism.”
  8. Roy Cohn, “Posthumously, for setting new standards for a lawyer.”
  9. David Duke, “For his support of me despite criticism from libtards.”
  10. Clarence Thomas, “For being a good Negro, proving that they’re not all criminals.”

Asked by this blog if all these pardons meant that he is prepared to pardon such individuals as Michael Cohen, Roger Stone, Jefferson Sessions and Sarah Huckabee Sanders, all of whom seem likely to be charged with obstruction of justice if Mueller brings that charge, Huckabee Sanders accused me of being “a nasty liberal, out to overthrow the legitimately-elected president.” She added, “Who’s paying you, Hillary? ISIS? Rob Reiner? The gay lobby?”

At the same time Huckabee Sanders was making her remarks, Franklin Graham, an associate of her father, Michael Huckabee, the well-known evangelical politician, was in San Francisco, giving a major political speech denouncing homosexuals.

I caught up with Rev. Graham and asked him if he had ever participated in gay sex.

“That is an insulting question,” Graham responded, which was not exactly a denial.

“Well, the reason I ask is because I’ve heard that you have all sorts of sexual secrets that the public doesn’t know about.”

“I will sue you!” the Reverend threatened. At that point, his bodyguards grabbed me by the arms and took me into a small room, where they frisked me and, quite frankly, were more physically invasive than they needed to be.

Franklin Graham is a symptom of the disease currently infecting America. This hideous person pretends to be a follower of Jesus when in fact he, like his friend Trump, is out for nothing less than theocratic political power, like the Taliban in Afghanistan. God forbid that Graham should ever have any authority at all in the United States, beyond what he already has over his credulous followers, low-educated, superstitious, rural white people, filled with resentment. These are the kind of people America has spent centuries trying to educate out of their ignorance into enlightened liberal thought. Trump seeks to put this evolutionary process into reverse. I don’t think he will succeed, but the fight is on: Each of you has to choose which side you’re on.


Have a lovely weekend!

  1. Bob Rossi says:

    She added, “Who’s paying you, Hillary? ISIS? Rob Reiner? The gay lobby?”

    You left out the key name: George Soros.

  2. Bob Henry says:

    “[James Davison Hunter] The Man Who Discovered ‘Culture Wars’:
    Wall Street Journal – May 25, 2018

    An excerpt:

    “In the heat of battle, religious conservatives too have found themselves defending behavior that contradicts their stated moral values. On the relationship between the religious right and the president, he [James Davison Hunter] says: If ‘there is a hope that the state can secure the world, even by someone as imperfect as Trump,’ then ‘religious people, are willing to make all sorts of accommodations’ — willing ‘to justify pretty much anything.'”

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