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Roseanne! An American Loser



Roseanne Barr got huuuuge mileage with her pro-Trump stance when she launched her latest T.V. show. It quickly shot to the top of the charts, and the meme in the media was how Roseanne’s support of Trump was resonating with millions of red state Republicans across the country. The New York Times, referring to Barr’s “full-throated support for President Trump,” quoted her as saying things that, frankly, just are lies, like for instance when she insisted that Trump “is not homophobic at all. He doesn’t oppose same-sex marriage.” That is so at odds with the facts, it makes you wonder what universe Barr lives in. Trump told the gay magazine, The Advocate, “I think the institution of marriage should be between a man and a woman,” and then, just in case anyone misunderstood him, he told the now-fired Bill O’Reilly, on Fox, “I just don’t feel good about it [same-sex marriage]. I don’t feel right about it. I’m against it.”

Barr, as a Trump supporter and Republican, either isn’t in possession of the facts, or chooses which “facts” to believe and which to ignore. And, like her idol, Trump, she’s also not above insulting minorities, which brings us to the current incident. In a recent tweet—which Barr since has deleted—she said, Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.” VJ was Valerie Jarrett, a senior Obama advisor who happens to be Black.

Well, there it is, in broad daylight, the essence of Donald Trump, and what he has enabled in America: the outright expression of racist and anti-Muslim slurs. It used to be that what we call “political correctness” limited people’s ability to voice their hatreds, because they were embarrassed by them in polite society. That was a good thing, because, while we may not be able to control how we feel about others, we can control our behavior, including our speech, in order to foster living together in peace and harmony in America. But Donald Trump hates political correctness. He thinks people ought to be encouraged to insult others, especially if those others are non-white, non-Christian, and non-straight. And Roseanne Barr buys right into that nonsense.

Well, poor Roseanne got slammed for her tweet, as well she should have! After pulling the offensive tweet, she replaced it with this one: “I apologize to Valerie Jarrett and to all Americans. I am truly sorry for making a bad joke about her politics and her looks. I should have known better. Forgive me-my joke was in bad taste.” And then she announced “I am now leaving Twitter.”

Buh-bye, Roseanne. We won’t miss you. Maybe you can convince your hero, Donald J. Trump, to follow you away from Twitter.

Look, for Roseanne to concede her joke was “in bad taste” makes me wonder why she didn’t understand that before she posted it. And the reason is exactly as I pointed out, above. Trump has normalized racist and religious intolerance (especially on social media). In fact, he’s practically encouraged his white Protestant followers to indulge in it.

* * *

About an hour after I began this post (yesterday, as you read it), came the Flash News that Roseanne’s show has been cancelled by ABC-TV, and that her own talent agency has dropped her. Sic temper bigots. This is a well-deserved repudiation of a racist asshole—Barr—but it is also a repudiation of the person who enabled her, her idol, Donald Trump. No doubt, the percentage of angry white Protestants that continues to love Trump (and Barr) will accuse ABC/Disney of knuckling under to libtards, or some such stupidity. Roseanne herself, after posting her slur, tweeted, “twitter is a dangerous place.”

No, Roseanne, it’s not twitter, it’s your mind that’s the dangerous place—a cesspool that you made indecently public on twitter. Maybe your hero, Donald Trump, will commiserate with you. Decent Americans will not. Good riddance to bad rubbish! Now, go back to your macadamia nut farm and leave us alone.

  1. tim fleming says:

    Hey Steve, how many blacks were employed at that 3rd tier wine magazine you were affiliated with? How many blacks were employed in the wine industry you were so cozy with for decades? Did you resign in protest? Naw, you were just a phony and cashed the checks as quickly as you could.

  2. Hey flemking, how many religious and moral scruples have you had to toss overboard in order to support this felonious, adulterous, amoral, bullying, insulting, colluding, greedy liar, trump? How come you continue to remain a republican? Are you one of those white supremacist/homophobic insane christians? If not, I urge you to leave your party and come on over to the Democrats.

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