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Where things stand this Monday morning: Trump, the Texas school shooting, and the “spy”



The latest school massacre, in Texas, brings new prominence to the Parkland students and their many allies across the country, who may have faded from the headlines a little bit, but who continue to work away at registering younger voters and bringing home their central message: Anyone who accepts even a penny from the National Rifle Association is going down to defeat.

We’ll have to wait until November to see if these brave, brilliant young people can deliver, but in the meanwhile the N.R.A. is running scared. They have now made the astounding decision to accuse the media of being responsible for the school shootings!!! Their latest video claims that “the psychotropic drug laced, suicidal mass shooters [are] a creation of our so-called progressive culture and media.” The commentator is an N.R.A. tool named Colion Noir, a Black man (born Collins Iyare Idehen); he recalled his first experience with firing a semi-automatic pistol this way: “The first shot was terrifying. The second shot—I fell in love.” That was before he taunted the Parkland survivors, in the cruel, sadistic way we’ve come to expect from ammosexuals.

Well, good for Collins/Colion; he’s found himself a nifty little gig and is making money off his rightwing 15 minutes of fame. But I don’t see how the N.R.A. is going to weasel itself out of this Texas carnage: the police chief of Houston just blasted elected officials that ran to the cameras today, acted in a solemn manner, called for prayers, and will once again do absolutely nothing,” and even the far-right governor of Texas, Greg Abbot, who urged Texans “to take action to make sure this tragedy is never repeated ever again,” is demanding “swift solutions,” including various forms of gun control and background checks.

Clearly the reaction against cowardly politicians beholden to the gun industry is mounting, but the N.R.A. has proved bullet-proof in the past, and will try again to ride this one out. One can only wish the Parkland students and their friends all the best, and hope and pray that these politicians, like Gov. Abbot, follow through on their vows. If they don’t, I know that the students, bless them, will call them out.

Meanwhile, the obfuscation and obstruction of justice practiced by this Trump regime also mount, reaching new heights of absurdity. After each of the lies of the past (“Obama wiretapped Trump Tower!”) collapsed under the weight of its untruth, Trump always comes up with a new one. Now it’s this: The F.B.I. inserted a “spy” into his campaign! So desperate are Trump’s Republican apologists that they are now rushing onto every news program they can, to tell the American public, in essence, “Forget about the Russia witch hunt, there’s nothing there, believe us; instead, focus on this spy that Obama sneaked into our campaign, and on the F.B.I.’s subversive, partisan criminal activity.”

It’s absolute rubbish. Even the Republican spokespeople have got to know it. But it’s all they have. They’re throwing spaghetti at the walls, to see what, if anything, sticks. I don’t think anything will, but my crystal ball is no clearer than yours. I do, however, know this: Mueller goes about his job relentlessly and tranquilly, undistracted by outside chatter. Jeff Sessions, for all his many faults, also seems to be sticking to his knitting, defending his Justice Department and the F.B.I. and not allowing the agitators and collaborators in the administration to derail the investigation. How much longer Sessions can take the pressure—and whether he knuckles under to Trump, or is fired, or quits—remains to be seen. But there is no question that Trump is losing it. Rogue, alone, unstable, unable to have sex with the porn stars he favors (and therefore horny and frustrated), at the mercy of his rage, he watches television all day and all night, stalking Twitter in fury, lashing out at anything and everyone whom he deems his enemy—which is pretty much everybody in Washington and the media who do not carry his water.

It’s not a pretty situation to see the President of the United States losing his mind so publicly, and posing such imminent dangers to the republic. I have a feeling this pot is going to boil over sooner rather than later, but make no mistake, this man, Trump, will not go down without a huge fight. So get ready, be prepared, stay calm and know that this fight is worth having.


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