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Breitbart goes ballistic on Guns, Facebook, U2…and Bangladeshis!



If you want to know what the Republican Party is obsessing on, on any given day, just go to Breitbart. There, you’ll find all the latest grievances, spelled out in excruciatingly paranoid rage.

From yesterday, here are some top headlines.


Facebook Creating Global Jihadist Networks, Experts Claim

Yes, the social media giant is actively working with “terrorist supporters in 96 countries [to] create a system which helps connect extremists and terrorists.”

Who are the “experts” cited in the headline? An outfit called the “Counter Extremism Project,” a neo-conservative American group whose founders include Joe Lieberman and George W. Bush’s U.N. ambassador, Mark Wallace.

Let us posit that among Facebook’s two billion users there are extremists communicating with each other. But these extremists aren’t merely of the radical Islamic variety; Breitbart itself publishes on a Facebook platform, so one could just as easily have headlined, “Facebook Creating Global white supremacist and neo-nazi hate groups.”

See the irony? But the Right never does. Without a sense of humor, they’re incapable of understanding that they have become parodies of themselves.


Oklahoma Senate Concurs with House: 2nd Amendment is Your Carry Permit

Pretty straightforward story: Oklahoma, in many respects the most backward State in the country, is about to abolish all requirements for open carry, because “the second amendment protects a constitutional right to bear arms.” The new law evidently means that Oklahomans are allowed to open-carry AR-15s and other weapons of mass killing. They call Oklahoma “the Sooner State”; as for me, I’d sooner stay away from it than visit a place where armed, angry white yahoos are playing vigilante games and running around with stuffed holsters–with the state’s encouragement.


Border Patrol Agents Arrest 15 More Bangadeshi Nationals in South Texas

This story is designed to prove to skeptics that it’s not just criminal, rapist Mexicans whom Breitbart readers hate, it’s Bangaladeshis! Yes, those brown bad boys apparently are wreaking havoc along the border, but fortunately, “Border Patrol officials attending the National Rifle Association Annual Meeting in Dallas told Breitbart [they have] arrested…Bangadeshi nationals…for illegal entry.”

Good to know that Laredo no longer has a Bangladeshi terrorist problem! Now they’re going to have to go after those Nepalese thugs.


Christian Fans ‘Devastated’ with U2 For Backing Abortion in Ireland

It’s a sad day for Bono and the boys in the band. They came out in support of a woman’s right to choose in Ireland, and next thing you know, they were hit by “a barrage of more than 800 negative replies.”

I give U2 credit for declaring their beliefs even though they know some of their fans will be pissed off. That’s the way things work. I’d rather have my artists stand for something, instead of hiding behind a milquetoast demeanor and not standing for anything. I’ll give Kanye West some credit, too. I think he’s a fool to be sucking up to Trump, an out-and-out racist whose father was in the KKK. But that’s his right. I’m sure that U2 will still sell out every concert they give, and as for the women of Ireland, good for you! Abortion is a matter to be decided between a woman and her doctors (with perhaps the husband involved as well). When I was a little boy, I remember well the teenaged girls from our neighborhood who “went on vacation” for a week or so, to Mexico or Puerto Rico. These weren’t real vacations; they went to get abortions. And they were the ones who could afford to travel. Other girls weren’t so lucky; they ended up in alleys or basements with knitting needles shoved inside themselves, and often died. Republicans would love to go back to that era, but we’re not going to let them. As for those poor, devastated Christians, there’s plenty of really bad Christian rock around.

Anyhow, there it is, the news according to Breitbart. Aren’t you glad I tell you about it, so you don’t have to degrade yourself by going there?

* * *

Meanwhile, the angrier Trump gets with the Mueller investigation–and his rage meter is exploding–the more you know he has something to hide. If he were innocent, he’d cooperate 100% and get the thing over with. The fact that he’s fighting like an angry bull—and has ordered his minions to fight alongside him—can mean only one thing: There are some very, very serious crimes he’s trying to cover up. We mustn’t let him. Please do whatever you can to protect Mueller, and be prepared to scream your head off and take it to the streets if Trump tries some dumb stunt, like firing Rosenstein.

  1. Bob Rossi says:

    “As for those poor, devastated Christians, there’s plenty of really bad Christian rock around.”
    I had totally forgotten that such “music” still exists.

  2. Some of it isn’t bad. There’s a singer, Walker Hayes, who has some really good stuff. I love “Craig.”

  3. Bob Henry says:

    Terrorists turn to encrypted communications apps such as Telegram.

    “Terror Plot? There’s an App for That”
    The Wall Street Journal – “Opinion” section, April 13, 2018, page unknown


    By Steven Stalinsky
    Executive Director of the Middle East Media Research Institute


    “Right now Islamic State and its followers around the world are using mobile devices to choose targets, discuss methods and timing, and even raise funds. With the aid of encrypted messaging apps—most of which are developed by Western companies—these terrorists can communicate fully out of sight of intelligence and law-enforcement agencies. The murders of countless innocent people have been planned this way, and most Western leaders seem unsure about how to stop it.

    “Counterterrorism officials are overwhelmed by the sheer number of potential terrorists using these apps on mobile devices. They are further handicapped by their inability to access the encrypted information, which could help them stop attacks. In a January speech at the International Conference on Cyber Security, FBI Director Christopher Wray called the threat from terrorist use of encrypted apps ‘an urgent public safety issue.’ He revealed that, as part of lawful investigations, the FBI had tried and failed to access encrypted information on nearly 8,000 devices in 2017. …

    “Terrorist groups play close attention to these debates. They learn from Western leaders’ words and actions and adjust their behavior accordingly. Many groups rely on secure communications for maintaining their global networks and recruitment efforts. ISIS members, affiliates and sympathizers are constantly sharing information, tutorials and recommendations about encryption. Over the past year, jihadist propaganda operations such as the al-Hayat Media Center and the al-Naba newsletter have published how-to articles on encryption.

    “The number of encryption apps used and experimented with by terrorist groups is constantly increasing. Many of the companies responsible for developing and disseminating these apps are based in Europe, where officials have been quick to criticize American social-media companies like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for hosting terrorist content. These same officials have been notably slow in addressing the terrorists’ affinity for platforms based in their own countries.

    “Telegram, currently the terrorists’ app of choice …”

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