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Howdy, neighbors! I’m a Republican, and I’m a neo-nazi



California, as you may have heard, is having a Senate election this November, and while there’s absolutely no doubt that the Democrat, Dianne Feinstein, will win a fifth term (Obama just endorsed her, by the way), we now know who her likely Republican opponent will be: Patrick Little.

Who’s that, you ask? Good question. I’d never heard of him either, until a few days ago, when a new Survey USA poll came out. It asked Californians, “If the primary for United States Senator were held today, and these names all appeared on your primary ballot, who would you vote for?” The statewide results were

Dianne Feinstein 39%

Patrick Little 18%

Kevin DeLeon 8%

with a number of other candidates showing in the low single digits, and about 19% Other/Undecided. (Kevin DeLeon is a Democratic state senator.) That sent me scurrying to find out who this Patrick Little is.

Here’s what he looks like.

Pleasant looking fellow, isn’t he? Young and clean-shaven, if a bit tight-lipped. The cute little pompadour suggests a certain fashion sense.

He has a blog. (Who doesn’t?) On May 4 he posted his official campaign song, entitled “The Naming of the Jew.” What are those names? “Shysters, crooks and shylocks: infiltrators, traitors too.” But wait, there’s more! “Kikes.” “Sludge.” “Slimy.” “Shameless bastards.”

 Well, you get the idea. Little doesn’t care much for Jews (which Feinstein is, by the way). The day before his campaign song post, Little wrote that he is running to resist “the lying jewish press” (note the absence of a capitalized J) and “the zionist bankers.” For good measure, he wrote, “[T]here is no proof that supports the ‘6 million jews got gassed by Germans in the second world war’ lie,” with the “evidence” of this so-called “holocaust” manufactured by “jews who are being paid for their lies.”

 Little (who’s been endorsed by the KKK leader, David Duke) also has a Twitter account. Here’s one of his more charming tweets: “Jews have no seat at the table in matters of white self-determination.”

Little’s shtick is tedious, but after Charlottesville, when Trump supporters (including Little, who was there) screamed anti-semitic slogans, we’ve come to understand that white supremacy and resentment of Jews and various “Others” (gays, Muslims, Mexicans) are integral components of the modern Republican Party, and particularly of Trump’s base.

So let this sink in: a neo-nazi will in all likelihood be the official Republican candidate for Senator in California, the nation’s biggest state. That should play well overseas, don’t you think?

The California Republican Party, caught in an embarrassing position, is pretending to be shocked, shocked. Mr. Little has never been an active member of our party. I do not know Mr. Little and I am not familiar with his positions,” Matt Fleming, communications director for the California Republican Party, told Newsweek. And then, on Saturday, the party wouldn’t let Little enter their annual convention, in Sacramento, with the Republican state executive director saying, “There is no room” for him in the party.

But of course, all this is public relations hokum. Little’s only crime, from a Republican point of view, is that he aired their pathology a bit too publicly. From Joe Arpaio to Roy Moore, from David Duke to Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani and Paul Nehlen (the Jew hater who is running in the Republican primary in Wisconsin to replace Paul Ryan, and whom Little admires), the modern Republican Party stands for intolerance, alt-right fascism, religious bigotry and racial and ethnic hatred. Patrick Little may be among the more extreme proponents of Republicanism, or he may just be saying things that Republicans think but are afraid to say out loud. Either way, Little is the new poster boy of the Republican Party.

As Bill Maher observed, “I would never say all Republicans are racist because that would be wrong. But let’s face it: If you are a racist, you are very probably a Republican.” This is the Big Tent the GOP has erected, a cozy little hate-fest in which Patrick Little feels—not only comfortable—but invited. Like the characters in Close Encounters of the Third Kind who felt impelled to get to Devil’s Tower, Little is merely responding to a Republican summons: Come join us. We welcome you. Here, you will find your own kind. Together, we march under the banner of Donald John Trump. We may occasionally have to make believe you’re not really one of us, but don’t take it seriously! We’re all on the same side.

 So, memo to Republicans: You can run but you can’t hide. Patrick Little IS the Republican Party. The Republican Party IS Patrick Little. No daylight between the two, no matter how much you say otherwise. Little feels comfortable in your party because your president, Trump, sent him an invitation SWAK.

By the way, if Trump takes the fifth with Mueller (as that increasingly freakish Giuliani said he might), I would expect Congressional Republicans to turn against him in droves. Am I overly optimistic? Maybe. But this is America, damn it, not some frigging banana republic!





  1. Terrifying times we’re living in. Is this how it began in Germany?

    We must continue to resist.

  2. We shall continue to resist. Some days will be better than others. We will seem to have setbacks. But it’s always forward, and trusting that History will find that we are right.

  3. Ken Swaizak says:

    Being skeptical of the jew and especially the Zionist does not make one a Neo Nazi. Anti Zionism is not the same as Anti Semitism as much as the Zionist propaganda machine would like to join the two.

    Furthermore, your description of Trump’s base significantly influenced by racism and zenophobia is an absurd and false labeling.

    The same people who swung the vote to Trump, the independent voter, are the same people who swung the vote to Obama in 2008.

    Your resistance is BS and it is based on your detached, elitist and affected personal detraction which has been put into your head by the means of mainstream media identity politic nonsense.

    You are not Patriots. You are fence sitting malcontents already wealthy of the tit of this great country who have the luxury of pretending to be part of some sort of noble political resistance. It’s all a joke…

  4. I am approving this comment from Swaizak, in order to illustrate the hostility, anger and hatred of the white supremacist – anti-Semitic element in the Trump base. These horrible individuals have always been crawling around the edges of American society, but with the elevation of the racist-in-chief, Trump, to the presidency, they are now emboldened.

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