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Michelle Wolf: the followup



Everybody’s upset about Michelle Wolf’s shtick at the White House Correspondents’ dinner, but not me. Yes, she was brutal, but you know what? She was an equal opportunity insulter, and that’s what standup comics do. If the White House Correspondents want vanilla, let them order ice cream!

As for Sarah Huckabee Sanders, well, she deserved everything she got. Sanders is a paid, monumental liar. Now, I know that all White House press secretaries are liars. Lord knows, Ron Ziegler told whopper after whopper for Nixon, and Democratic press secretaries are almost as bad. But Sarah Huckabee Sanders takes the cake.

Remember Josh Earnest? He was Obama’s press secretary. I’m sure he told his share of fibs, but he had a very good reputation for being candid, sincere and (as per his last name) earnest. Huckabee Sanders, by contrasts, is the worst press secretary I’ve ever seen—except for Kellyanne Conway, who set a new low bar for dishonesty and misrepresentation. But then, look whom both women work for: a pathological liar.

I couldn’t do it—stand up there day after day and lie, especially knowing that everybody in the room (the reporters) knows you’re lying, and you know they know, and they know that you know they know. What a horrible mental landscape that makes for. One of the worst aspects of this Trump presidency is the obliteration of trust in news reporting that Trump has deliberately fomented; and one of the most visible aspects of that destruction is the atmosphere in the White House daily briefings, one of cynicism and animosity. This rot is infecting our country, and it comes from the top down.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders didn’t have to take the job. Oh, I’m sure that, for a P.R. person, it’s pretty much the top of the food chain, and will lead to great income opportunities after she quits, or is fired (whichever comes first). But at what price would you sell your soul?

There are two ironies. The first is that Huckabee Sanders calls herself a Christian. I’m sorry, but real Christians wouldn’t do what she does. Not only does she lie routinely and defend a morally indefensible man, she does it with a snarky hostility that the T.V. screen magnifies. Sarah Huckabee Sanders seems to be a fundamentally angry person. Since Trump himself is an angry man, with massive, unresolved personal issues of resentment and insecurity, the two of them make a good pair.

The second irony is that when it comes to put-downs and insults, no one in America is second to Huckabee Sanders’ boss. Even his supporters know that he’s a vile, deplorable man, filled with rage. He’s said the most horrible things about everybody he doesn’t like: handicapped people, the Gold Star parents, the women he paid for sex, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Mexicans, Muslims, reporters, fat women, the Parkland students, patriotic liberals. The man is a walking smut machine. So anyone who claims to have been disturbed by Michelle Wolf’s jokes is just full of it.

Huckabee Sanders tweeted the other day, “I pity the fool who doesn’t love.” There are so many twisted things about this statement I hardly know where to begin, but here are two: (1) Sarah seems to know who “loves” and who doesn’t, and the people who don’t “love,” in her book, are Democrats and non-Christians. Christians, of course, are incapable of not loving, because they’re–Christians! (2) Sarah, look at your boss!!! A total narcissist, a pathological liar, a man who hates with volcanic ferocity, who can’t even sleep at night because he’s so filed with rage, a man who never, ever turns the other cheek, but hits back ten times harder (as his wife said), a man possessed by satanic violence. He’s about as Christian as your podium. Donald Trump may love a few things–money, power, prostitutes, junk food, possibly his kids–but he “doesn’t love,” in the way Sarah meant, and she knows it. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, by your own lights, you admit to working for a fool! Quit now, and save what’s left of your immortal soul.

  1. Pawineguy says:

    I hate to be the one again, but… you did not accurately read or quote the tweet that is linked. I have copied and pasted it below, it would have saved you writing the entire last paragraph of your post.

    I pity the fool who doesn’t love
    @MrT! #TeamUSAAwards

    She was not saying she pities the fool who doesn’t love, she pities the fool who doesn’t love Mr. T. (Thus the use of his catch phrase and the picture of the aforementioned Mr. T.)

  2. Dear PAwineguy, I too hate to be the one, but…actually, the entire quote is “I pity the fool who doesn’t love.” No more, no less. There’s no mention at all of Trump. However, let us not be at odds with one another! Your implication is correct: if you don’t love Trump, Sarah thinks you’re a fool. The point is that Sarah pretends to be the expert on “love” because she’s a super-Christian and her Daddy is Rev. Huckabee.

  3. Pawineguy says:

    It has nothing to do with Trump. She’s posing with Mr. T, a TV actor from the 1980s! And Rocky 3! Not T for Trump… Look again at her tweet, and the picture, the period is after @MrT, she’s tagging him… hardly worth arguing about but it’s literally a harmless tweet about an aging actor.

  4. Bob Henry says:

    Referencing this . . .

    “Neil Cavuto Calls Out Trump on His Pattern of False Statements: ‘Mr. President, That’s Your Swamp’”


    . . . came this response from CNN’s Don Lemon and Jim Acosta:

    “CNN’s Acosta and CNN’s Don Lemon Praise Fox News Host for Calling Out Trump ‘Kudos to Cavuto’ Acosta”


  5. Bob Henry says:

    From The Washington Post Online
    (May 1, 2018):

    “President Trump has made 3,001 false or misleading claims so far”



    “In the 466 days since he took the oath of office, President Trump has made 3,001 false or misleading claims, according to The Fact Checker’s database that analyzes, categorizes and tracks every suspect statement uttered by the president.”

    If you are not a reader of The Washington Post, you might ask: what is The Fact Checker?

    Here’s a link:

  6. Now, if only all sane Republicans would call trump out, the country could be saved. But maybe that’s asking too much. I mean, “sane Republicans” may be an oxymoron.

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