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The Shocking TRUTH About #MarchForOurLives



This blog can report that it has investigated who was really behind the so-called March For Our Lives demonstrations on Saturday, and discovered startling news: Nearly all of the alleged “students” who participated were political actors, controlled by nefarious outside forces led by—yes—Hillary Clinton.

My intrepid forensic journalists have actually discovered the room wherein Ms. Clinton controlled the marches. It is in an underground bunker located on the Clinton family estate, in Chappaqua, New York. There, Ms. Clinton sits in front of a gigantic apparatus, a system of computers, levers, switches, wires and glowing buttons. Like the Wizard of Oz, she is constantly twisting knobs and jiggling toggles, issuing orders through a headset to her minions across the globe. According to one source who was actually in the room as the Washington. D.C. march proceeded, when the alleged school survivor, Emma Gonzalez, was presiding over her moment of silence, Ms. Clinton was in direct communication with her, dictating her timing and telling her what to say and when to say it. (A spokesperson for Clinton did not confirm reports that the former First Lady and Gonzalez have engaged in a Lesbian affair.)

Moreover, my investigative reporters have discovered that Ms. Gonzalez is not the innocent Parkland student she claims to be. She is a Russian national, raised in St. Petersburg, who was trained as an agitator at a liberal think tank funded by George Soros. She is not only a bald-headed radical, she has Islamic terrorist ties, making her the perfect instrument for Crooked Hillary to use.

The liberal media—MSNBC and CNN—broadcast hour after hour of video purporting to show hundreds of thousands of marchers in Washington, D.C., but I have learned that these images are fake. My sources tell me that no more than 100 people attended the Washington rally. The photos and videos showing huge crowds were doctored, in much the same way as those that sought to minimize the inaugural crowd for President Trump, which, numbering in the millions, was the largest in history. Then there was that “Daniel Hogg” person. Such an arrogant radical. He pretends to be a “student” but in actuality he is a 34-year old transgendered socialist, trained by an anti-Second Amendment group funded by Dianne Feinstein’s wealthy Hollywood friends, including Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey.

And that supposed “granddaughter” of Martin Luther King? I have learned that the person who claimed to be 11-year old Yolanda King actually is a 24-year old Caucasian male midget in black face and Afro wig; the man works for Tom Steyer, and has been active in numerous anti-Trump dirty tricks campaigns. Steyer, in fact, paid to disseminate the false rumors of meetings at Trump Tower between Russian operatives and members of the Trump family.

President Trump was wise to leave town and play golf in Florida while the phony march was underway. No respectable politician would agree to be associated with this left-wing ploy to destabilize the administration and bring chaos and confusion to the nation’s political conversation. As Sen. Marco Rubio pointed out, the students “didn’t march for anything useful.” Even Barack Obama, a Democrat, denounced the student demonstration as “not helpful.” The former President praised the National Rifle Association as “good people” and said his own daughters, Sasha and Malia, are “NRA members in good standing” who “enjoy shooting the crap out of stuff with their AR-15s.”

It’s important for the American people to be able to distinguish fact from fiction. The reporting on Saturday’s marches reached a new high—or low—of phoniness and disinformation. Its symbolic moment came when that fake student, Samantha Fuentes, vomited during her speech. Fuentes, 35, is a well-known Democrat operative in South Florida who worked on Hillary Clinton’s social media team during the 2016 campaign. She also is associated with the Democratic porn star, Stormy Daniels.

If you really want to know what’s happening, you should restrict your news sources to Fox and Breitbart, as I do. If you’re super-busy (and who isn’t these days?) and have time for only one news show each day, I highly recommend Tucker Carlson’s. He reports the news in a fair and balanced way. Carlson, I have learned, is on President Trump’s short list to replace Gen. James Mattis as Secretary of Defense. This nation’s security couldn’t be in better hands were “Tuckie” (as he’s known affectionately in D.C.) to run the Pentagon. With the new National Security Advisor, John Bolton, America is headed in a bright, new direction, one of which Dr. King would have approved, as would Jesus Christ.

And speaking of Jesus, show me any evidence whatsoever that any of these “student” demonstrators are religious! President Trump, unlike the atheist-Muslim Clintons and Obamas, is a Believer. He has said he carries two booklets with him at all times: the Constitution, and the New Testament. In the words of John the Baptist, “There’s nothing wrong with having sex with a Playboy model or a porn star, as long as they’re Christian.”


Amen, brother!

  1. Certainly Santorum was present in case someone needed CPR.

  2. Haha I wouldn’t let Santorum’s mouth come anywhere close to me!

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