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Leaked! Internal NRA communication




from the desk of


 To: NRA Executive Committee

Many of you have expressed concern about the recent widespread student demonstrations across the country to enact further restrictive measures against the lawful sale, purchase and enjoyment of firearms, which is protected by our beloved Second Amendment.

Along those lines, I want to share with you our views. Our first and best strategy is to let this wildfire burn itself out, as indeed it will. The spoiled brats who call themselves “activists” will soon become bored. A new girlfriend or boyfriend – a new rap star – a new video game – a new mall or movie – will attract their immature minds, and they will quickly tire of this ridiculous infatuation. So all we have to do is stick it out.

The N.R.A. has withstood these external pressures before. I would remind you that, after the Newtown (“Sandy Hook”) incident, our organization came under similar pressure from radicals of the Nancy Pelosi-Dianne Feinstein type. We resisted that pressure, and we succeeded. The pressure subsided, and, in the end, nothing harmful was enacted by the Congress. I would remind you, too, that we functionally own the Republican Party. There may be a few Republican Congressmen or Senators who could be re-elected without our support, but there are none who could be re-elected with our active opposition. Indeed, they know this, which is why our longterm strategic position remains solid.

Our public posture on firearms should remain the following:

  1. We will permit no incursions upon the Second Amendment.
  2. We are in support of public and private research into the causes of violence, as long as this research does not result in a limitation on the public’s right to bear arms.
  3. We believe in God, and He supports the public’s right to bear arms.
  4. Punishing law-abiding gun owners is not the answer.
  5. Limiting so-called “assault weapons” does not result in reduced violence.
  6. The Democrat Party is pro-communist, pro-Islamic terrorist, pro-criminal and pro-abortion. Your N.R.A. stands opposed to all these evils.
  7. The media is biased, except for Fox News and certain other commentators who support the Second Amendment, such as Alex Jones.
  8. Our slogan: “If you ban one, they ban them all.” If you are asked to explain by a leftwing reporter, accuse them of being an ultra-liberal, and move on to the next question.

In addition to messaging, we must do a better job of utilizing social media to counter anti-NRA lies. In particular, you should post damaging accusations about enemies such as Feinstein, Pelosi, Daniel Malloy, Kamala Harris, Richard Blumenthal and other Jewish/radical haters of America. Your NRA’s Communications Department can suggest talking points.

We gun owners face a determined, radical enemy. The children who are calling for increased restrictions on guns don’t realize that they are the pawns of America’s enemies. Their brains are not yet developed enough to respect our Constitutional rights. In your public responses to these demonstrations, we urge you to respect the children. Do not insult them, regardless of how you really feel about them. Keep in mind that your every word will be recorded and repeated endlessly. I know that this is hard: these children are entitled morons, who are being radicalized by the libtard media, especially MSNBC and the New York Times. When we accumulate more power, as we will after President Trump is re-elected, we shall take steps against them. In the meanwhile, I encourage you to stockpile and protect your weapons – load up on ammunition – be ready for an extended period of self-survival – and teach your children that Democrats are the enemy of Jesus.

Lock and load! Thank you for your support, and God bless America!


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