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The 3 types of Republican



There are 3 main groupings of Republicans. They are:

  1. Rich greedheads. You know who I mean. The Mercers, Kochs, Adelsons and others of that ilk. These are the people whose dark money fuels Republican politicians who then vote to lower their income taxes, eliminate the inheritance tax, and do other mean things to ensure that their precious fortunes are never shared with anybody. I’ve known quite a few billionaires. Some may be socially liberal, but for the most part they donate to Republicans because they’d rather be able to buy another mansion or jet aircraft than pay a little bit more in taxes. Their greed is unconscionable; they lock up tens of billions of dollars we could spend on socially advanced causes; they are the kind of people the French rose up against during the French Revolution and sent to the guillotine.
  2. White supremacists and nationalists. Think of someone like Roy Moore or Joe Arpaio. These people have a predilection to dislike anyone who’s not Caucasian. They also tend to have issues with women, due to their machismo psychology. They’re been taught to believe that their culture is superior to that of foreigners, especially from “shithole countries.” They boast about being “Americans” and how much they love their country, but they’re often uneducated, and don’t know much about our history. They love country music, guns and the flag-waving commercials they see watching NASCAR on T.V.
  3. Christian extremists. These are the bible-thumping chestbeaters who manage to find passages in the bible that justify their hatred of “the other.” They are your typical gay-bashers. They’re anti-abortion, even though they don’t hesitate to have their own wives, daughters and girlfriends get abortions when they knock them up but don’t want to deal with a baby. They’re the most anti-science of all Americans, often believing that Adam and Eve and little Cain and Abel played with brontosauruses in the Garden of Eden. They’re extremely intolerant, and condemn anyone who doesn’t agree with them to hell. They say “Hate the sin, love the sinner,” but you know they’d love to punish “sinners” like they did in the Inquisition: Pray for their souls while they burn at the stake.

Of course, these three groupings can overlap. Second Amendment freaks, who refuse to permit even the slightest laws prohibiting crazy people or terrorists from obtaining weapons, tend to be found in all three groups. An example of overlapping #2 and #3 is Michael Pence, the current Vice President, a truly weird and bizarre specimen. It’s rare for any one individual to qualify for all three groupings. One who does is Donald J. Trump, although he’s probably not a pure example in that. While he calls himself a believing Christian, he’s lying, the way he lies about everything else. Trump only discovered Christianity when he realized he needed evangelicals, Catholics and Mormons to vote for him.

It’s difficult to figure out how to deal with these three groupings. We can always elect Democrats and then drastically raise taxes on rich greedheads, and that’s something we ought to and will do. As for the white nationalists and Christian fanatics, I’m afraid there are no laws that can control them. All we can do is reduce their numbers to the smallest degree possible, in order to isolate them to little enclaves, where they won’t be able to do much damage.

I have a dream that, county by county, voting district by voting district, we can paint those little red squares on the U.S. election map blue. I believe that a Blue Wave is sweeping America; we need to focus and strengthen it so that it peaks on Election Day next November. When we retake both Houses of Congress, we can enact strong, effective gun control laws so that massacres like the one that just happened in Florida will be reduced. If Trump is still president next year (I hope not, but he might be), he would no doubt veto it, but if we can elect Democrats in veto-proof numbers, it won’t matter. After we regain the Congress, Trump will ride out his remaining days in office in ignominy and feebleness, with Democrats overseeing him carefully to make sure he doesn’t get out of line. Day One of the new Congress: pass a law requiring him to immediately release his income taxes and all the details of his shady business practices and those of the Kushner family. Wouldn’t that be great!

Wanted for accessory to mass murder: Wayne Robert LaPierre, Jr.

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