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Democrats: Say “Hell, No!” to Republican fake promises about infrastructure



I get emails and comments from people who describe themselves as “liberals” complaining that I’m too tough on Republicans. One refrain is that I am the kind of person who actually is responsible for getting Trump elected, because I insult the red state voters who supported him.

Here’s what I think of these comments. First and most importantly, anyone who in any way fails to attack Trump and his Republican Party in the strongest possible way cannot possibly call himself a “liberal.” For all I know, the people who send me these comments aren’t even real human beings—they may well be Russian-created bots. How on earth could a real “liberal” or a real American fail to be outraged by this Republican Party and the lunatic they (and the Russians) promoted to the White House?

I mean, we are well past the point of “Can’t we all just get along.” The answer, emphatically, is No! There is no way to make peace with what the GOP has become (and I hate to even use that term anymore, because there’s nothing “grand” about this cult). There is even less possibility of making peace with Trump. He is an unmitigated disaster. Anyone who can’t see that, and who doesn’t declare himself or herself in solid Resistance to this regime, has deliberately blinded himself to the danger Trump and Republicans pose to America and to the world.

Secondly, to blame liberals for Trump’s election makes no sense. It’s like blaming Lincoln for the Civil War. Liberals warned whoever would listen that Trump was going to be a catastrophe. We said over and over again that he is mentally ill, a wannabe despot who would shred the Constitution and bring about the gravest consequences should he ever seize power. We told America that our foundations were in jeopardy.

Well, now Trump has the power; and those who criticize Trump’s critics have to face the fact that they are complicit in his crimes.

Trump will be gone soon, I hope, and I also hope that disgrace attaches to his name, and to his family, forever. They certainly deserve all the opprobrium History can throw at them. Donald Jr., Jared, Eric–wow, who the hell are these greedheads to speak in our name? It will be many years before America can undo the damage this Trump family has inflicted upon our institutions, upon the presidency, domestic tranquility, our international reputation, the environment, upon our beloved Constitution, indeed the very concept of Truth itself. That such damage has been, and continues to be, done is evident to anyone who follows events. That makes it all the more urgent to stand in Resistance to Trump and trumpism. It is impossible to be too anti-Trump. It is, on the other hand, quite possible to be insufficiently anti-Trump, and this brings me back to my statement that “anyone who in any way fails to attack Trump and his Republican Party in the strongest possible way cannot possibly call himself a ‘liberal.’”

I’m glad the Democratic Party under Pelosi and Schumer has been 100% united in standing firm against Trump. He would love to be able to brag about some “bipartisan” cooperation in areas, such as the infrastructure, that would require Democrats and Republicans to work together. But Democratic leaders are well advised not to let him achieve this propaganda victory. It is true that the American infrastructure needs help. But I do not for a moment believe that Trump has any real interest in appropriating the hundreds of billions, maybe trillions of dollars that would be required. Nor do I believe that Republicans would let that happen. They just blew a trillion-dollar hole in the deficit; where would the additional money for infrastructure come from? Social Security and Medicare? Please. So Trump isn’t serious; he’s just blowing it out of his behind, hoping to soften his image and further distract everyone from his Russian collusion scandals.

I expect the Democratic leadership won’t be fooled by any infrastructure overtures Trump makes. We have him on the ropes; the Republican Party, too, is facing electoral ruin next year. Democrats ought to stick with the strategy that has worked well so far: resist, resist, resist. Offer no cooperation at all. Stand in defiant opposition. Let Republicans squirm like worms on a fishhook. Let this cancer of the Republican Party rot itself out of existence. The American people are turning against them in mounting fury. The last thing Democrats should do is help Republicans get out of the hole they’ve dug themselves into.

P.S. I’ll continue to watch MSNBC but I am really annoyed that they fired Joan Walsh, one of their more articulate and passionate voices. I suspect this was due to pressure from NBC’s overlord, Comcast, one of the most loathed corporations in America (and for good reason!). Here’s NBC News’s email if you feel like telling them you’re pissed off.

* * *

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah to everyone!


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