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What’s next? Who knows. Have a great weekend!



As we go into the weekend, the shock wave from Alabama obliterates everything else. We already knew how dysfunctional the White House is. We already knew how the West Wing staff increasingly sees Trump as bizarrely troubled; they have no idea what to expect. Will he melt down? We now know about Omarosa’s firing—not that anyone cares about Omarosa, but she’s probably going to write a tell-all book, the first from Trump’s angry ex-employees. We can expect a slew of those in the coming years, after he’s thrown out of office.

We already knew about the fake claims about the Department of Justice and the FBI: Republican stalwarts are so afraid of Mueller, they’re willing to invent any lie to discredit him. We already knew how the Europeans are aghast at this rogue regime: how it quit the Paris Accords, its ridiculous claim that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital. We already knew that pretty much 100% of Trump’s political agenda is based on nothing but undoing the legacy of the man he hates and fears the most, Barack Obama, beside whom Trump is a shrunken half-creature. We already knew that Trump sold out America’s interests for his real estate deals around the world. We already knew what a scumbag Donald Jr. is. We already knew how much Jared Kushner lies about everything. We already knew about the brazen mendacity of Sarah Huckabee Sanders; even for White House press secretaries, she has taken The Big Lie to new heights. We already knew all this stuff. So there’s nothing new to report going into the weekend, except that the scandals and the stench grows ever stronger.

I don’t know if the Senate will turn next year, much less the House. McConnell obviously should allow Doug Jones to be seated before taking a vote on the tax plan, but he won’t. That’s power politics: fine. It will give Democrats more ammo to run on. “Trump raised taxes on you, the middle class and poor people, to give his own class of billionaires, and his spoiled-brat children, a huge tax cut.” That’s a good message: simple and clear. And true.

So this has been a good week for Democrats, and for America. I’m prouder than ever to be a Democrat and a charter member of The Resistance. It’s not a matter of “if” we take Trump down, it’s a question of “when.” It won’t be much longer. The Republican Congress will pass this Christmas present to the Koch Brothers who fund them, but that’s all they can expect from a weak, illegitimate President. As soon as he signs the bill into law, you can expect them to turn against him, because they should: they will have milked him for all he’s worth, and be left with nothing but a dessicated old rind. Expect Ryan—if he’s still in office–and McConnell—if he’s still in office–to then throw him under the bus.

Have a wonderful weekend! Happy holidays to all.

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