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What Breitbart will say after Trump is removed from office



When—not “if”—the leader of the current American regime is forced from office, either through impeachment, resignation, or the 25th amendment, his die-hard followers are going to have to rationalize their bizarre devotion to him, even unto the end.

Of course, they’ve had to rationalize their support of him all along: in other words, to make excuses to themselves and each other for how they can possibly praise such a detestable human being, in such a high office. This hasn’t been easy for them. They’ve had to deny a whole bunch of stuff, in much the same way that a battered woman stands by her man, even though she knows more violence is coming her way.

But after Trump is forced from office, their manner of rationalization will ipso facto have to shift gears. Here’s how the comment string on Breitbart is likely to play out:

I never really cared for the man anyway.

Me neither. He was a bully and a sexual pervert.

I just supported him because he was in favor of the things I like.

I supported him because the libtards hated him. Anything they’re against, I’m for.

Right on. He was an asshole, but he was our asshole.

Agree. Not defending all his stuff, especially the sexual stuff, but a lot of that was just locker room talk.

Hey, who hasn’t groped women?

I don’t mind him being gone. He did as much as he could in the time he had, especially with his judicial appointments.

Exactly. And now, we have a truly righteous Christian man in the White House: Mike Pence.

True dat! A man of God.

A good man. Trump wasn’t a good man.

He was pretty nasty, that’s for sure. I don’t know how Melania put up with him.

The money!

Well, Mark 10:25.

I didn’t care for the things Trump did and said, but he was better than Killary!

That’s for sure. I hope President Pence throws her in jail.

Gitmo is too good for that bitch!

Waterboard her!


Obama too! That dirty Muslim terrorist.

Do you think Pence will choose Sarah Palin for his vice-president?

Lord, I hope so. Either she, or Franklin Graham.

Either one would be a great veep.

How about Tim Scott? The senator from South Carolina?

He’s black, isn’t he?

Kee-rect on that.

Hmm. Don’t know about a black in that position.

Agree. They’re okay in the Congress, but vice president? What if Pence dies in office?

You’re right. I’m calling my representative to demand “Hell, no!” on Scott.

I kinda liked Trump. He told it like it is.

I know what you mean, but you have to admit, sometimes he went a little too far.


Like for instance when he insulted those Gold Star parents.

They were foreigners! Islamic terrorists! They were asking for it!

Still, their son died serving the U.S. He was a hero.

There’s no proof of that. It might be fake news.

Yeah. Where’d you hear that “hero” stuff, anyhow? On MSNBC? What are you anyway, a Killary troll? Fuck off.

We don’t know what to believe anymore, with the snowflake MSM and their lies.

Thank God for Breitbart! It’s the one place where you can still get honest reporting!

I read on Breitbart that a black guy murdered a white woman!


Betcha a liberal judge sets him free.

We gotta hang those liberal judges!!!

I saw on Breitbart where a Muslim shot a police officer!

Those Demon-crats are to blame! They’re for open borders and globalization!

We need that Wall more than ever!

That’s for sure. That was the one good idea Trump had—and the libtards wouldn’t let him build it!

Don’t you think sending the New York City terrorist to Gitmo was a good idea?

Well, sure, but only if they behead him down there.

Ha ha, I’d like to see that!

Me too. Maybe President Pence will authorize public executions, the way they used to in the good old days. Bring the family, grab some ribs and beer, and watch the fun.

Cool! It’s be fun to watch ‘em string up a bunch of Democrats.

Well, bros, I’m outta here. Time for target practice. We have these new Obama cutouts. I aim for the eyes.

Too bad you can’t shoot the real Obama.


I miss Trump already! I really do.

Totally. Twitter will never be the same.

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