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Republican criticism of Weinstein? Bull. Here’s a partial list of Repubs caught in sex scandals



The Harvey Weinstein sexual predation scandal is giving the white nationalists at Breitbart plenty of opportunity to condemn the Democratic Party. Here are some comments from the men and the women who remained utterly silent when Trump bragged about grabbing pussy, but who are now up in arms accusing Dems of hypocrisy–and, of course, they can’t stop cursing their bete noirs, Hillary and Obama.

Birds of a feather, flock together. And everyone says they didn’t know, including Hillary and the Obamas.

Hypocrites all of Hollywood, Clinton, obamas. All of them.

You guys don’t care about anybody’s right just your millionaire salaries. You don’t respect us the so called deplorables , the working class!

This is a progressive scandal.

Celebritard are all to blame

Can’t be a person of Hillary or Obama’s political stature and not know about something as devious as this.

It’s sickening for me, readers, to have to go through this sewage of hatred, but it’s important to know the mentality that fuels Breitbart, Bannon, Trump and the rest of the Republican Party.

Who the hell are these Republicans kidding? Theirs is the party of Larry “Wide Stance” Craig, caught cruising in a men’s room; Tim Murphy, the bluenose, anti-abortion congressman who just had to resign over urging his mistress to have an abortion; Newt Gingrich—how many extra-marital affairs has he had?; Mike Duvall, the California assemblyman who had to resign after bragging about his sexual exploits; Mark Sanford, the South Carolina governor whose “hiking the Appalachian Trail” was an excuse for his affair with another woman; David Vitter, the Bible-pounding Louisiana Senator whose phone number turned up in the D.C. Madam’s logbook; Bob Allen, the Florida Republican, who was arrested for soliciting oral sex in a public park; Mark Foley, the Republican congressman whose gay sexting to teenaged boys forced him to resign; Rudi Giuliani, the ex-New York Mayor, whose numerous sexual indiscretions were the talk of the town; Bob Livingston, the former Speaker of the House, who had to quit after revelations of his illicit sexual affairs; Republican Congressman Jon Hinson, caught soliciting sexual favors in a House men’s room; Robert Bauman, a GOP conservative whose political career went up in flames after he sought sex with a 16-year old boy; Charlie Crist, the Florida governor and now congressman, who allegedly paid hush money to two men to cover up his gay liaisons; Dennis Hastert, another Republican Speaker of the House, who went to jail for homosexual affairs with young boys.

Have I omitted any other Republican sexual freaks? Yes, dozens upon dozens, too many to mention. And don’t even get me started on homophobic, “pro-family” evangelical and Catholic priests routinely busted for having sex with children and prostitutes—not to mention senior employees at Fox News (O’Reilly, Ailes) caught up in their own sexual embarrassments. This is your modern Republican Party: covering up and apologizing for its sexual predators, then going into full-scale, Trump-style attack mode when a Democrat, Harvey Weinstein, borrows from the Donald Trump playbook of using money and star power to coerce women into granting him sexual license.

So give me a break. The public isn’t buying this crap from Republicans anyway. People understand that the Republican Party is the party of sexual hypocrisy. It’s not that Democrats are purer or any less lecherous, it’s that Democrats don’t pound Bibles and sanctimoniously lecture people about heterosexual marital fidelity the way adulterous, closeted Republicans do. The only Americans credulous and stupid enough to believe this nonsense are the wife-beater T-shirt crowd and knuckle-draggers at Breitbart, many (most?) of whom no doubt have their own down-low secrets, whose private lives despite their Sunday church appearance would explode if exposed to public scrutiny.



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