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The Las Vegas shootings: Trump, NRA, Republicans share blame



Did Trump say a word about gun control? About having fewer guns on the streets of America? About greater scrutiny of mentally ill people possessing guns? About limiting the number of guns anyone can have? About Nevada not even requiring gun licenses? About rolling back the open-carry and concealed-carry laws that are proliferating around the country? About limiting the capacity of magazines on automatic weapons? About smart guns? About silencers? About keeping guns away from kids? About reversing the fetishistic worship of guns, especially among white Christian males?

Nope. Not a single bloody word.

There’s one reason why: There is a sick, anti-American organization, the National Rifle Association, that controls the Republican Party. This organization, the N.R.A., is against any form of gun control. In fact, they want more guns in this country, more gun owners, deadlier guns, deadlier bullets. For the N.R.A., there’s no such thing as enough weaponry. N.R.A. members celebrate guns, and shooting, and slaughter, and bloodshed, and explosions. They may say they don’t, but their actions belie their words. The N.R.A. is a domestic terrorist organization, and one of these days, when we have Nuremberg-style trials to determine what the hell happened to America under Republicans, leaders of the N.R.A. will sit in the docket, starting with their ultimate fuhrer, Wayne Robert LaPierre.

Trump has a history of being in thrall to LaPierre and the N.R.A. Of course: gun owners were part of the resentful white male demographic he knew he needed to be elected president. Just last April, he bragged to an N.R.A. audience, “The eight-year assault on your Second Amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end.” That this is patently false should now be obvious: Las Vegas is bound to bring renewed, stronger calls for gun control—and Trump is going to be confronted with yet another crisis in addition to his growing list of crises, many of them self-created.

Of course, during the campaign, Trump also pandered to the N.R.A.’s death lobby when he suggested that “Second Amendment people” could kill Hillary Clinton, if she were elected, to prevent her from appointing a gun control advocate to the Supreme Court. Clinton—who has probably been the most threatened politician in American history, due largely to the N.R.A.’s vilification of her—castigated the N.R.A. following the Las Vegas massacre, declaring, “We can and must put politics aside, stand up to the NRA, and work together to try to stop this from happening again.” How could any normal, rational American object to that? But predictably, Trump does, and the N.R.A. does, and guess who else is exultant about Vegas? Breitbart. Here’s a sampling of comments to their Facebook page on the murders:

Sounds like the last Bernie Sanders supporter targeting Republicans at a baseball game, this guy knew Trump supporters would be at a country concert

Thanks to BLM and NFL you are sending a message of division in this country, and this is now what you get!

Hmmmm. A sudden burst of anti-American protests and kneeling in the NFL against ‘white oppression’. A gunman kills and injures hundreds of people at a country music concert. I knew it. You kneeling bastards, and those who support them, are all responsible.               

Crazy man or False flag? Set up? What are they trying to deviate attention from? This is not one man job – and one should always ask, “who benefits from this”??

I’m getting nauseous just reading this insane crap. The paranoid psychopaths who write this stuff ARE your Republican Party. There’s no way to avoid it: the party has become the loony bin of every murderous psychopathy, and they now have a president who also suffers from, and champions, that sickness. It is unconscionable. I am so angry, my hands are shaking as I type these words. I just want to live long enough to see this evil man, Trump, deposed and held accountable, along with his rabid followers. I want to see LaPierre, Steve Bannon, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Trump’s entire cabinet, all of Trump’s apologists and enablers and the people who write psychopathic things on Breitbart—I want to see all of them repudiated by their friends, their families, by History. I know this probably won’t happen. But really, Hillary Clinton is right. We have GOT to stand up to the N.R.A. and all that they stand for. We have got to overturn this dreadful, dangerous Republican Party. Register to vote. Vote. Tell everyone you know to vote. I’m just feeling so sad right now, and I know you are too.



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