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Trump’s aggression on DACA



As I write this on Monday night, the word is that Trump is going to kill DACA sometime today. Maybe he won’t, but if he does, here’s my take.

He will have done as he promised. Declared war on 800,000 law-abiding Mexican immigrants brought here as babies and children, who have known no other home in their lives other than America.

Of all the disgusting, cheap, horrific things Trump has done as president, this is surely one of the worst, along with his other human rights attack, against transgendered Americans who wish to serve in the military. Trump is a racist, pure and simple. He grew up in a household dominated by his father, Fred, with whom he ordered the property manager of one of their apartment buildings to “get rid of blacks” back in 1973. Earlier, Fred had been a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

Evidently, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Forty-five years later, Donald Trump is still a racist, and a xenophobe as well. Don’t forget, this is the man who called Mexicans “rapists” and “criminals” and “bad hombres,” providing us with a useful if disturbing insight into a dirty, dark mind. But, of course, this hatred of foreigners, and brown-skinned Mexicans especially, ignited a prairie fire of support among the poorly-educated, resentful white men of rural red districts, who cheered at the nomination of one of their own, and went on to elect him POTUS. These racists were heavily engaged in the campaign. For example, one of them, a guy named Craig Bachler who was Trump’s Coalition Director in Florida, posted this offensive image on Twitter:

You can easily find the slime trails of others of these poor white haters on Breitbart. Here are a few choice morsels:

“Karl Testify” from 2 days ago, in a comment about the wall: “I need target practice, let ’em come.

How’d you like to have “Karl testify” living next door to you, an angry ranter, with a rifle on his lap, hunting for brown-skinned people or anyone else who pisses him off?

And, in the same string, a delightful post from a “Mr. Cheong,” who, if that’s his real name, sounds like an immigrant:

That’s why people elected Donald Trump to lock up that scum of Earth Barack Hussein Obama and his minions including Eric Holder!!! Trump 2020 with 50 states landslide!!!”

Here is “piled high and deep”’s policy recommendation in the field of foreign affairs:

We are going to have to take over Mexico again in the near future…

Gee, that will go over well with the Mexican people—and the Central American people—and the South American people—and the United Nations—and the world. Good thinking there, piled high!

And from last Sunday’s early report trump would end DACA:

YellowFruit52: Winning!!!!!

Here’s “Honey Badger” Finally! America First..This is MAGA

Yes, America will be great again when we evict 800,000 men, women and children who are paying taxes and bettering themselves, thereby providing a light of peaceful immigration policy unto the world.

And from Libsareclowns: Fun to see Obama eat more CACA. MAGA baby. Go Dream in Mexico PENDEJOS….hasta la vista….

And finally, Al Dente James: Stop DACA now and increase deportations.

You must admit these men and women sound like good, fine, upstanding, kind-hearted Americans, the kind who have studied our history, read the base of the Statue of Liberty, and exemplify American values of tolerance, acceptance, compassion and progress.


What they are, are Trump fanatics. These are the ugly, wrathful faces of the anti-DACA crowd…Donald J. Trump’s tribe and cult. This is a sad, sick, deplorable day in the history of the U.S.A., brought to us by a sad, sick, deplorable human being. One can only hope and pray that the lawsuits against Trump by Washington State and New York will restore this compassionate and fair executive order. One can also hope that this Republican-led Congress, reprehensible as it is with tea party, evangelical and other fringe extremists, will come to their senses and restore DACA before it’s too late.

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