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Who are Trump’s supporters? Here’s one, and he’s a doozy



If you watched Trump’s Phoenix speech on Monday, you probably noticed a guy standing almost directly behind him, holding up a sign that read “BLACKS FOR TRUMP.”

He wore a t-shirt referencing a website,, that brings us directly into the belly of the beast.

No White House press office would ever allow anyone wearing a T-shirt with a slogan and a URL to stand behind a President of the United States, giving a major speech, without explicit permission. So we have to assume that the guy, as well as his signs, had been vetted and approved by someone who reports to Gen. Kelly. Therefore, it’s acceptable to think that the Trump administration directly or indirectly endorses the website.

Well, what’s on it? Welcome to Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be  bumpy ride.

Look, I don’t mean to make fun of anybody’s beliefs. But really, this is a romp through something that is deeply disturbing. In case you didn’t know, “The Real KKK Slave Masters” are “CHEROKEE Indians (Hidden Babylonians)…GOD YAHWEH chose TRUMP to be President…to be the White & Black DELIVERER from the Babylon, like the Gentile King CYRUS.”

But wait, there’s more. “ISIS & HILLARY RACE WAR PLOT TO KILL ALL BLACK & WHITE WOMEN OF AMERICA WITH MS-13.” !!! And here, in case you’re wondering, is the “Cherokee Democrat Flag”:

Did you know there are “infiltraters [sic] in the Rep. Senate like McCain” who are “coming down with Great Wrath because their wicked time to block good policy is short”? Did you know that “Slavs are Canaanites…like our wonderful 1st lady Malania [sic] Trump”? Did you know that “Republican Senators who’re against Trump’s HealthCare Policy…are Mormon Cherokee’s [sic]”? Did you know that “Hillary is the true Racist”? Did you know that “YAHWEH BEN YAHWEH Taught Us to Vote Republican”? Did you know that “ROCKERFELLER [sic] IS NIMROD KING OF THE CANAANITES & SAUD THE KING OF THE ISHAMELITES MASONIC ILLUMINATI TRILATERALIST BIG BANKS KKK”?

Can you imagine Fox News’ reaction if President Obama had given a speech with a guy behind him wearing a t-shirt that led to an insane website? Hannity’s head would have exploded. Well, the website lurches on and on, ever deeper into paranoid, delusional weeds, so, as delightful as it is to write about this stuff, it’s time to return to sanity. I just thought it worthwhile to reveal the mindset of at least one very visible Donald J. Trump supporter. When those of us who believe that many, if not most, of Trump’s fans are deranged, it’s people like him we have in mind. But it could just as easily be a KKK admirer, or a camo-clad survivalist, or a homophobe seeking a Constitutional ban on gay marriage, or Jerry Falwell Jr., or a birther, or any of the others whose impaired mental state puts them in Trump Land. When The Resistance proclaims its intent to prevent America from falling into the hands of wackos, led by the lunatic-in-chief, it’s people like the guy we envision. It’s good that Gen. Kelly allowed him to have his 15 minutes of full-frontal fame, to let the world know just what is festering at the core of the Trump movement.

  1. Bob Rossi says:

    I suspect that whoever approved of this guy’s placement hoped that people would just see the “Blacks for Trump” sign and leave it at that, never looking into the lunacy on the web site.

  2. Karole Skeen says:

    Oh my! I thought when I saw him that his sign should read “This black” instead of “Blacks.”

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