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Inside Trump’s Head: “When they go low, we go lower”



So now they’re saying I’m “isolated.”

There’s CNN, with their fake news headline:

Trump isolated as US military, business and political leaders condemn racism

And that traitor, NBC, with more fake news.

Trump More Isolated Than Ever After Worst Week Yet

And that elitist NPR is also calling me isolated (memo to self: Look into defunding those libtards). Even Newt is piling on me.

Gingrich: Trump more isolated than he realizes

Gingrich! That skanky loser. He actually thought I’d make him Secretary of State. As if! So did Romney. That was a lot of fun, making the Mittster look like a trained seal, dragging his butt to the Tower only so I could reject him. I love making people look stupid. And the bigger and more pompous they are, the more I like taking them down. I did that to Christie, too. I can do that to anybody I want, because I’m POTUS.

So they think I’m “isolated”? I’ll show them isolation. Maybe I’ll take Pyongyang out with 50 megatons. Mattis wouldn’t like that, but I can always give him the old Bannon treatment. Same with Tillerson. Oh, sure, I know Ivanka and Jared wouldn’t like it—and I can’t Bannon them—but really, sometimes those kids get on my nerves. I mean, I love them, but….Like, Jared would bomb the hell out of Hezbollah but he gets all dewy about Korea. He’s a good kid—a real success, reminds me of myself when I was his age—but he’s poofy. Cares too much what other people think. And always in the gym! I mean, he won’t even eat a Big Mac! Bannon was right about him.

Isolated, crap! I’m out there every day, on the green, or flying my helicopter, meeting with my top advisors, giving pressers, working rope lines, tweeting. Why, just this week I’m speaking to that group in Arizona. [Memo to self: Who are they? Ask Kellyanne.] How isolated is that? Obummer spent months up in Martha’s Vineyard, letting the world go to hell, while he drank Chardonnay with the Dems at Warren Buffett’s “cottage.” At least when I stay places, I own them. I’m not schnorring off some billionaire.

So now Bannon is threatening a “war.” Ha ha, doesn’t bother me in the least. Well, maybe a little, but I’m not going to lose any sleep. Well, maybe a little, but then, I’ve never been a sleeper. Like Melania says, when they go low, we go lower. You hit me, I hit you back ten times harder! There were times I wanted to punch Bannon’s pimply little marshmallow face, make him bleed. I mean, that guy is arrogant! Well, screw him. He didn’t get me to the Oval Office. Screw Breitbart. I have the people behind me. And they’ll stay with me. Like I said, I could go out on Pennsylvania Avenue and start killing, and the people would still love me. Hey McConnell: What do you think about that? Ready to get primaried?

So, “isolated”? I don’t think so. They’re gonna see and hear a lot more of Donald J. Trump. I’m not going anywhere, maybe not for a long time. When push comes to shove, remember: I’m commander-in-chief. I give the order, and I have a million soldiers locked and loaded. What’s Mueller gonna do when I haul him off to Gitmo? “Isolated”? We’ll see, CNN. We’ll see, NBC. We’ll see, Newtster. Look, I’m gonna make America great again and nobody can stop me! I am Queens tough! That I can tell you!

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