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A photo album for Republicans



Kellyanne Conway this week blamed Democrats, and specifically members of the Trump Resistance, for the Congressional baseball game shooting.

Such hateful, charged rhetoric,” she alleged, can easily turn into “armed resistance.” Kellyanne wasn’t the only Trumpster blaming the Democratic Party for the shooting. Republican Congressman Chris Collins likewise blamed “outrageous rhetoric…finger-pointing…and the anger directed at Donald Trump [for] fuel[ing] the fire.” The always entertaining Newt Gingrich, clearly enjoying his role as one of Trump’s chief surrogates, blamed a “pattern” of “hostility on the left” that says “It’s OK to consider assassinating Trump.”

Kellyanne, Chris, and Newt must have missed these pictures, below, which originally were posted online by their fellow Republicans. So, for their benefit, here they are! Kellyanne—Newtster—Rep. Chris — sit back and enjoy! No “hateful, charged rhetoric” here, no “hostility,” no “finger-pointing” at Democrats in these charming images,  just plenty of that good old Republican Christian love. (Sorry, you’ll have to bring your own popcorn.)


This meme was very popular during Obama’s presidency. Here’s a cute one.

And here’s another especially for Michelle:


You’ll see some of your favorite Democrats: Biden, Pelosi, Bill Clinton, Eric Holder and several others, including Hillary. The “Jail” theme was very popular among Republicans, and still is in Hillary’s case.


Related to the “Jail Them” theme was the ever-popular “Kill Democrats” blessing, as exemplified by this striking poster:

And when Republicans weren’t busy killing Democrats, they were hunting down liberals:

I understand this bumper sticker was popular in the Bible Belt:

Of course, the favorite Democrat of all time for Republicans to kill was none other than Hillary Clinton.


Trump never came out and directly called for Hillary’s murder, but he stepped right up to the line with his “Second Amendment People” remark.



Obama didn’t escape the Republicans’ gunsights, either. Here’s a picture where a Republican put his face on a target,

and another where the rightwing fascist called for his assassination for being a “Nigger.”


Here’s a triptych where the Republican put, not only Obama’s face as a target, but, just for good measure, Bernie Sanders’ and Hillary’s. Notice how the picture cleverly uses Photoshop to put Joker mouths on them.


So, Kellyanne, Rep. Chris and Newtster, I hope you liked this little photo show. Maybe you can share it with your leader, the POTUS. Just in case you don’t, I sent him a link to this blog at his twitter accounts, @POTUS and @realDonaldTrump.

Have a lovely weekend!







  1. Bob Rossi says:

    And don’t forget the video of the Trump campaign rally where the name Obama is mentioned (maybe by Trump) followed by a voice calling out “Kill the nigger.”

  2. Bob Rossi, I could have cited hundreds of violent republican attacks on Democrats, but there wasn’t enough space!!!

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