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What Ivanka can’t or won’t see



Ivanka Trump told Fox News she’s surprised by the “viciousness” of the attacks on her father. As a proud member of the attack squad, I admit that The Resistance’s thrust has contained elements of “viciousness,” if by that you mean (as my dictionary defines it) “given to or characterized by vice, evil or corruption.” But I would argue that the “vice, evil and corruption” originated on her daddy’s side; The Resistance is simply fighting fire with fire.

The two main political parties, Democrats and Republicans, have long been antagonistic, and that’s fine; politics, as Clausewitz reminded us, is just another form of war. But Ivanka’s daddy took the traditionally simmering level of antagonism to the boil, using lies, nasty smears, innuendos and phony accusations that shocked even the Republican establishment. Does Ivanka not understand that daddy’s “Obama is not an American” accusation, which he asserted for years, was incredibly vicious? Has she not watched lie after lie, smear after smear, pile up until the top definition of “trumpism” in the Urban Dictionary is: A whole load of bull shit, i.e. lies, deceit, deliberate obfuscation”? Where was Ivanka when daddy threatened to “jail” Hillary Clinton, whom he called “the devil”? What did Ivanka think when daddy called Obama–a Columbia University and Harvard Law School graduate who taught Constitutional law at the University of Chicago–“the most ignorant president in our history”?

For that matter, what does Ivanka think of her baby brother, Eric’s, remark that “Democrats aren’t even people”?

Who’s vicious, Ivanka?

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree: Ivanka’s and Eric’s lashing-outs reveal the contempt bordering on hatred the entire Trump family feels towards traditional American values of truth, decency, kindness and respect.

Ivanka Trump, like her brothers, is a sheltered, spoiled and unself-reflective brat whose politics embody what John Kenneth Galbraith called “the modern conservative: engaged in the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.” The beam in Ivanka’s eye has blinded her to the truth of her daddy’s horrifying temperament. “Viciousness”? My dear Ivanka, The Resistance is just responding to the gut kick your daddy delivered to more than half the country. “Vice, evil, corruption” are the stigmata of trumpism, of which you are now a poster child.

The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.

                                                                                                           Dante Alighieri


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