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Inside the dark mind of a Trump voter



The thing about Trump voters is that they’re ashamed to publicly express their obsessive rages. They’re embarrassed to let anyone outside their innermost circle know how racist, misogynist, homophobic and xenophobic they really are. That’s why they like “outspoken” Donald Trump. He says all the horrible things, relieving them of that awful responsibility.

But some Trump voters are happy to let it all hang out. One is a guy, “Dennis,” as he signed himself in a comment to this blog concerning my post about the Wall Street Journal’s right wing columnist, Kimberley Strassel. Here’s “Dennis”’s comment in full.

Too bad your pathetic lying, murdering, criminal, incompetent, “never had an accomplishment” Hag Killary got SHE-LLACKED on 11/8 by MY MAN THE DONALD. You’re right about something, smart sexy Kim and others invested way too much time stepping on that Hag. Like all evil it implodes by itself.

Do I even need to point how disturbed, and disturbing, these remarks are? It’s one thing to disagree on issues; I’m fine if you don’t feel that Hillary Clinton was a wonderful role model as First Lady, or was a great Senator (her New York constituents seemed to feel she was), or that she was an effective Secretary of State. Fine. You’re entitled to your opinion.

I was taught that public and political discourse should be civil, but it’s clear that this “Dennis” never got the memo. Do you detect rage there? Out-of-control anger? Something approaching murderous hostility? Do you hear the deranged voices of Sean Hannity, Michael Savage and Alex Jones?

Sad to say, but this is the mindset of Trump voters. Oh, they can deny it all they want. They can pretend it’s all about “issues”: immigration, the Wall, trade, Obamacare, ISIS, jobs. Of course, as Trump grows more and more feeble about accomplishing anything, it will be amusing to see how the “Dennis”es of this country rationalize their continued support for “MY MAN THE DONALD.” But for the time being, a great majority of Republicans continue to think Trump is the Second Coming, and we have to assume—I do, anyway—that “Dennis” is representative of many, if not most, of them.

Beyond the simple fact of his generalized anger, “Dennis”’s misogyny strikes me. The hatred of Hillary goes beyond anything rational. I just shake my head and go, Wow. I wonder if he’s married. If he is, I bet there are domestic abuse issues.

Would you want “Dennis” to be, say, a police officer? An elementary school teacher? A caregiver in a nursing home? Would you let him baby sit your daughter? Scary thoughts. Frankly, it’s concerning to me that “Dennis” is out there, roaming the streets with his head filled with such violent fantasies. He seems like a ticking time bomb…tick, tick, tick…like the clock ticking down on Trump’s regime. I sometimes speculate on what these “Dennis”es will do when we force Trump from office. Will they go postal? Will Dennis find other white men so outraged, so frustrated, that they take up arms to overthrow the government?

Anyhow, this is what we’re up against, folks. I’ve long known it, but sometimes it takes a “Dennis” to shine a light on the infection. And to that dwindling number of liberals who still feel as though we need to understand where Trumpists are coming from, I say: meet “Dennis.” That’s all you need to know.

  1. Bob Rossi says:

    Another thing about these “Dennis’s”: they’re the kind of people that Trump would never want to associate with, have dinner with, or have a drink with (if he drank). He considers them well beneath him.

  2. Bob Rossi, that is so true! Before he discovered the tea party and evangelicals, the only way he ever associated with people like that was when they scrubbed his toilet. He is a rich East Coast billionaire who enjoys hanging out with his own kind.

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