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So what does Comey get for helping get Trump elected?



We found out yesterday that the FBI has been investigating possible collusion between the Russian government and the Trump campaign since last July—8 months ago—and we got that from the mouth of the FBI director himself, James Comey. He told the House Intelligence Committee how loathe he is to admit or deny the existence of an investigation but, in this case, due to the intense national interest, he felt compelled to do so.

Fine. But there’s a teeny weeny little problem with Comey’s position: He publicly announced the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server one week before the election, while it was still ongoing, only to be forced, days later, to say, in essence, “Oops, forget it. She didn’t do anything wrong.” By that time, the damage was done. Enough swing voters decided at the last minute not to vote for Hillary—an understandable decision, if they thought she was about to be indicted—and Donald J. Trump won.

So how does Comey square this circle? He claims he never talks about investigations while they’re ongoing—yet he did with Hillary–and then he talks about his Trump investigation, eight months in, but only the most historic duress. Was he under duress a week before Election Day to kill Hillary’s chances? If he was, from whom?

Comey cannot square this circle. This man has painted himself into a corner from which escape is not possible. But let us put ourselves into his head and imagine what he’s thinking.

Comey to self: “Sure, I’ve done something reprehensible. I wanted Trump to win, and I did what I had to, even though it cost me many friends and, probably, my reputation. But so what? I still have my job—Trump wouldn’t dare fire me. And when I leave, in 2023, I’ll be able to name my price. Maybe Goldman Sachs: I’m told they’ll pay me $10 million a year. Let’s see: reputation versus ten mil. What will it be? Hmm, give me a second. Okay, second’s up: Ten mil it is!”

There was much talk during the hearings of how many dots there are leading from Trump and his campaign and associates all the way to the Kremlin. Adam Schiff pointed them out; so did André Duncan, the Democrat from Indiana, with whom I was particularly impressed. The question is if the dots are connected, or just a coincidence. Nobody knows the answer, yet. But I went through Watergate, followed it intensely. Lots of dots there too. Nobody knew how they were connected for a couple of years, until dogged reporting, followed by Congressional hearings and a Special Prosecutor Republicans did not want but could no longer avoid, connected them. As it turned out, they led all the way to the Oval Office—and we know how that ended.

Yesterday’s hearing was very significant. Trump will fight this every inch of the way, using his usual methods of lies, smears and disinformation. His credulous, low-information supporters might even buy it. But I believe that the end game is coming, and it will bring him down, as well as many of his associates. As for Comey’s post-Trump career, let him make his millions. His grandchildren will have to live with the legacy that their grandpa sold his soul to the devil and immeasurably harmed America.

  1. Bill Dyer says:

    I think this commentary is better than anything I have read the last few days. Concerned that it is somewhat “preaching to the choir” I thought about where to direct it to those who should see it. To that end I have copied and pasted it as a comment on the FBI website under one of their posts that basically gloats about how great their personal are. I also forwarded it to the e-mail address of the White House.

    (I don’t think I am outing Steve in doing this: 1) the postings are copies coming from me. 2) Surely they already are tracking Steve…)

  2. Dear Bill, thanks. I imagine I am on a list or two in Washington.

  3. Shawn Denkler says:

    Wow. Nothing good is coming out of Washington now. But this is amazing to think about how a man in a non-political position poisoned the Democrats while helping the Republicans in a very significant way. One man basically threw the election. It was obvious before but this revelation shows his bias.

  4. Dear Shawn Denkler, thanks for writing, and congrats on seeing what Comey did. Not many people do. We can only hope that he’s so ashamed, and fearful of how his own children and grandchildren will view him, that he will now do the right thing and have a really thorough, independent investigation.

  5. William says:


    He gets fired.

  6. William: This is an interesting development and none of us understands it at this moment. I’m not going to pretend to have a theory until more information is in.

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