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Where shall we conduct the Trump trials?

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Once upon a time, a long time ago—before most people alive today were born—there was a thing called the Nuremberg Trials. This was an international Court of Justice held to try the major figures of Nazi Germany, after Germany lost World War Two. The German city of Nuremberg was chosen, partly because it had one of the few structures that remained intact to house the Court, after most German cities had been destroyed by American and British bombs; but the choice also was symbolic. Nuremberg was a center of Hitler’s rise to power. It was in Bavaria, his stronghold—sort of like a modern Republican red state. Nuremberg was where Hitler held his greatest rallies—it was where Leni Reifenstahl filmed “Triumph of the Will.” And, in the end, Nuremberg was where a major portion of Nazi Germany’s leadership, civilian and military, were hanged.

A good part of the Hitler narrative concerns how such a madman rose to power, or was allowed to rise to power. Looking back in retrospect, it’s easy to say that Germany should have gone a different route. Most people, including Germans, knew that he was bonkers. Most of his Generals and Admirals thought he was a blithering idiot. The media—and Germany had one of the healthiest newspapers industries in the world—did what they could, at first, to report on him and his associates and their awful predilections for disinformation and violence. It didn’t matter. One by one, Hitler disassembled them. He bamboozled the people by playing to their fears and hatreds. He went right past his Generals and Admirals by threatening their jobs and appealing to their patriotism, even though they knew he was bad news; and if they continued to resist him, he fired them. As for the legitimate media, they were beaten up by his storm troopers, rounded up by his S.S., and brought to concentration camps if they dared to write anything that might offend Der Fuehrer. In the end, there was nobody to stand up to Hitler. The result: 60 million deaths, the destruction of Germany and its allies, and a major victory for Hitler’s avowed arch-enemy, Soviet Russia.

America stands now at a crossroads and needs to look to history to figure out where to go. I do not think a lot of people read history anymore. I think Republicans know even less history than Democrats. So allow me to explain. The Nazis appealed to their base through an ideology of resentment, race and nationalism. This current President appeals to his base through an ideology of Christian resentment and nationalism that also includes racial, xenophobic and homophobic elements. But the end result is similar. We are witnessing the coming of an authoritarian regime of paranoia and untrammeled lust for power, fueled by untruths that the Republican Party seems unconcerned with. The major charge leveled against those Nazi defendants in Nuremberg—beyond the specific charges, which varied by individual—was that they aided and abetted a criminal regime. They could have done something, but did nothing, to prevent it; hence, they were complicit. And their complicity caused them to swing by the neck from a rope in the courtyard of the Nuremberg Prison.

This is a cautionary tale: to Pence, to Priebus, to Spicer, to Kellyanne, to Ryan, to McConnell, to Trump’s Generals and Admirals, to his CIA director and to the entirety of his cabal, and, perhaps most interestingly, to James Comey. Your time is running out. You still have opportunity to warn us, particularly you, Mr. Comey, who are so afraid to stand up to your boss. Frick, Ribbentrop, Jodl, Keitel, Streicher, Seyss-Inquart, Sauckel—their names are well known to historians—were hanged at Nuremberg. Himmler, Goring, Goebbels and Hitler himself, not to mention his wife, in addition to scores of other Nazi leaders, killed themselves before they could be arrested.

I have no doubt that, someday, America will have its own version of the Nuremberg Trials, to bring before a Court of Justice this rogue regime. Where will it be held? Symbolism is important. My suggestion is to have it at Mar-a-Lago. At 110,000 square feet, it’s commodious enough to house the Justices, the witnesses, the defendants, and the media who will cover it. Perhaps in the future, the Mar-a-Lago Trials will stand beside the Nuremberg Trials as shining examples of how decent world citizens, sickened by criminal regimes, held evil-doers to justice.

Look, I do realize that Republicans hate these comparisons between their Leader and Hitler. So I’ll make this a little easier to swallow. There is a huuuge, major difference between the two men. Hitler worked on behalf Germany, or at least his understanding of what was in Germany’s interests. Trump is working for–whom? We don’t know. Let’s get an independent Special Prosecutor and find out.

  1. The lines are in plain sight. The lies to the American public are such that the Republicans fail to say we made a mistake- they in fact try to justify these lies. The people in the cabinet are billionaires with no real idea of what they are doing. Education if Betsy gets her way will be set back decades and the poor or needy students will get no support at all. Charter schools do no look to spend money on students with special needs of any kind. 46 more months and maybe there will be change, if not we are in serious trouble …..

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