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How we’ll defeat Trumpism



I know a lot of liberals who are depressed these days, and I feel it’s part of my job to boost their morale and let them know that this is not the time to give up. It’s the time to resist.

People don’t know what to do. They feel so overwhelmed, so powerless. “What can I do?” they wonder. I tell them: “Do whatever you can, however small. Write a letter to the editor. Write your congressperson. Donate money to some campaign. Post on Facebook, on twitter, on Instagram. But don’t descend into lassitude. Fight back!”

It’s true that none of us can stop this catastrophe. The liar will take take office on Jan. 21; the thugs and psychotics he’s appointed will assume power in their various departments. So, yes, individually, we are weak. But collectively we can be a force. It’s not clear yet what organizational thing we can rally around. But the election was only six weeks ago. We were caught by surprise. Naturally, it’s going to take some time to get our bearings and figure out, collectively, what to do. In the meantime, do small things. “The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.”

For example, someone told me yesterday that Macys carries Ivanka Trump’s line of shoes, which I hadn’t known. So, you want to do something, but you don’t know what? Start by contacting Macys corporate and tell them if they don’t drop this product, you’ll stop shopping at Macys. Here’s the link to their investor relations department. It’s a simple online form with a comment section. What do you think Macys will do if ten thousand customers say they’ll never buy again at Macys unless the store drops those shoes? I guarantee you, they’ll be gone in a month. (And, by the way, this will also send a clear signal to Trump.)

That’s how democracy works. Boycotts are effective. Will it stop Trump from trying to push through his nasty agenda if Macys stops selling Ivanka’s shoes? No. But 65 million people voted for Hillary Clinton, and many, perhaps most of them are pissed off at what’s happening—the way Putin manipulated this election, the disgusting campaign Trump ran, with his lies and insults, the white supremacy, the hatred. That’s 65 million people who can be an army, if we pool our resources and energies. So my message is, never give up! Don’t submit to fear and depression! Find your anger and mobilize it. Anger can eat away at you like a cancer, or you can use it in a positive way, to motivate yourself and find the energy to act. This resistance is just getting started, believe me. Liberals, Democrats, humanitarians and people of goodwill across this nation—and the world—are gathering their strength, coming together to fight this catastrophe. We can win—but only if we keep our eyes on the prize.

So, peace, my readers and friends. In the spirit of the holiday season, I wish the best to you and yours. Then, let’s get on with defeating Trumpism. We can do it—and we will!


  1. This article is ridiculous. You will eat you words, if you give him half a chance. If you truely loved your country , you would want him to succeed regardless of your political stance but I fear too many Americans hold hate in their hearts. It appears this hate reigns over the USA which was once the best nation on earth. Now that title is held by Australians…

  2. Roger S. Jr. says:

    Steve, stick to wine. A lot of us wine drinkers were happy with the election results. I like to leave politics out of my wine discussions. Cheers

  3. Roger, normal Americans were not happy with this election result.

  4. From Fortune magazine
    (Nov 14, 2016):

    “Anti-Trump Boycott Targets Retailers That Sell Trump-Branded Products”


    “… Macy’s last year dropped Donald Trump’s clothing line but still continues to sell items from his daughter’s collection.”

  5. Russ Mortenson Boyd says:

    Interesting “give him” a chance coming from the Republican side of politics is an insane statement. Where were you when Mitch McConnell declared that they would stop everything President Obama proposes. I understand you were gleeful then. Now that you have the political shoes on you cry fowl. Absolutely insane.

  6. Russ, agree! Insane is one word to call it. Hypocritical is another. They played hard ball. I want us to do the same. No cooperation. No compromise. The tea party declared their absolute antagonism to Democratic, liberal, humane and diverse values. They refused every offer from Obama to compromise. They are extremists, dangerous to our way of life, religious fanatics, and at odds with America’s historical values. They must be resisted.

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