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“My website was down”



I hate those terrible words, which from time to time I’m forced to utter, by dint of circumstance. In this case, on Monday I found, to my horror, I could not get into what’s called the “back end” of my blog website—the administrative side. Nor could the public access the front end, which is what you see at What to do?

You never know quite why these things happen or how to fix them. In the end, I’m still not sure what the problem was, although we appear to have resolved it. Thank you Jose, my wonderful webmaster, at Diaz Communications! Something went haywire that made the server think that it was being overwhelmed by traffic, and so, like a faulty immune system, it shut down. Apparently, this wasn’t a bot or anything malicious, just a one-off. As of this morning—Thursday—we’re back up. Thanks to those of you reached out to me, through email, to inquire what was wrong. It’s nice to be missed.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to lie and insult his way through this life. Somebody really ought to draw up a list of all the campaign promises he made that he’s already broken, the most recent being Gingrich’s announcement that “draining the swamp,” a central part of Trump’s campaign spiel, no longer is part of the agenda.

Imagine that! How and why Kellyanne Conway assigned this disinformation task to the reptilian Gingrich is not hard to figure out. Gingrich, more than any other Republican politician prior to Trump himself, was the official party insulter and character assassin. Who better to let the world know of still more Trump bull than the man who made his reputation smearing Democrats?

I sense, also, that the resistance to Trump continues to gather steam, thank goodness. I believe it was Keith Olbermann who coined #TheResistance hashtag on twitter, but we need a better rallying cry, because there’s too much other stuff under #TheResistance, including more hatred of Hillary Clinton. The hashtag #NotMyPresident has proven to have “legs,” as they say, as well as #StolenElection, #PutinPuppet, #ConflictsOfInterest, #NeverTrump, and—my favorite, thank you Hillary–#BasketOfDeplorables, which describes so aptly the nature of the people who voted for Trump. Republican propaganda portrays these people as decent Americans who are down on their luck in the Rust Belt, cheated out of their jobs by evil foreigners, aided and abetted by the Democratic Party, but I don’t buy it. The reason they’re deplorable is because they’re filled with hatred and bigotry, and they don’t have the common sense God gave to a grasshopper’s behind. If they did, they wouldn’t have voted for this fraud, this incompetent greedhead. But then, as Abraham Lincoln noted, you can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. Trump fooled, and continues to fool, some of the people all the time, but I have a hunch that sooner rather than later this con job he’s pulled off is running thin. It will be hard to wean his supporters off the political crack Trump’s addicted them to, but not impossible. Some are beyond redemption. Others may not have taken the full plunge into unreason and madness; it is they we have to hope and pray will return to their senses.

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