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Use the word “killary”? Face it, you’re really sick



As my readers know, I’m hardly a fan of the Wall Street Journal. I read it to see what the other side is saying—usually lies and smears against Democrats. But every once in a while, they surprise me.

For example, the other day, Dorothy Rabinowitz, a rightwing columnist, came out firmly against Trump and for Hillary. Dorothy has the wits to discern the truth about this election. Putting partisan politics aside—which is hard for the tea party, since that’s all they care about—Dorothy came to the righteous conclusion that Hillary is the right person for the job of President of the United States. Kudos to her: Dorothy, you’ve almost managed to redeem yourself! (But how can you remain a Republican?)

On the other side of the coin—the sicko side—are those Hillary haters, whom Dorothy took care to distance herself from. I, personally, can see no basis for criticizing Hillary Clinton at all. She’s fought all her life for women’s rights, children’s rights, and for bringing sanity and compassion to our politics and public policies. I can understand—barely—differing with her on some minor issue of insurance policy or educational standards or trade deals. But the true haters have me scratching my head, trying to understand their real motive, and all I can come up with is this: they are mentally ill.

Especially those who use the word “killary.” It shows up a lot in my Facebook feed. I have no idea who these people are: they’re my “friends” only in a Facebook sense. I read their rants: Hillary did this, she did that, she murdered, she had her Secret Service agents kill on her behalf, she’s responsible for thousands of deaths—personally responsible, as a woman. Now, these same people don’t hold George W. Bush personally responsible for killing Afghans or Iraqis or whoever else gets offed by us. No, but they have convinced themselves that Hillary Clinton is a special case, satanic, evil. Just yesterday, one of my Facebook “friends” went on a hate-filled rampage about “killary” that was barely coherent. She may have been drunk, or on drugs, she may have simply gotten herself into a rage, who knows? I Googled “killary” and actually came up with 1,640,000 results. Here, from the basket of deplorable comments, are two typical hits:

  • Breaking: evidence that #killary would be in favor of murdering her opponents.
  • The Clinton body count: The following is a partial list of a large number of persons who have recently met their demise in suspicious circumstances who appear to have some connection to the Clintons.

And then there are the high school kids in Ohio whose minds were literally poisoned by their parents: they started an organization they dubbed “Killary Clinton” that was so violent, the Department of Homeland Security visited and made them disband their little hate group.

Can you imagine who these kids’ parents are? “Johnny and Susie, why don’t you blog about Killary’s murder victims?” Would you want your kid associating with such wackos?

I don’t need to talk with people who use the word “killary.” I don’t want to hear their complaints, I don’t want to get their Brietbart links or hear their conspiracy theories. People who use the word “killary” are suffering from a serious mental problem. I can’t begin to fathom it. I just know how wrong it is—evil, even. It comes from the worst instincts in people, from the sewers of their minds. How do you have a conversation with such people?

You don’t. The only thing you can do is beat them in this upcoming election, and as soundly as is possible. They won’t go away—if anything, when their guy loses, they’ll find even more conspiracies to blame it on. Hillary Clinton murdered the people who count the votes! Hillary paid to have the electoral college assassinated! Hillary personally tampered with the voting machines! Hillary paid off the election officials! Chelsea was seen…Well, you get the crazy idea.

But when the killary crowd loses this election, badly, maybe someone close to them will urge an intervention. Because anyone who uses the word “killary” has a very serious psychological problem and needs help.

  1. Bob Henry says:

    So did you “un-friend” those loathsome Killary folks?

    From The Wall Street Journal “Main News” Section
    (December 24, 2008, Page A1ff):

    “OMG, We’re Not BFFs Anymore?
    Getting ‘Unfriended’ Online Stings;
    Users of Social-Networking Sites Delete Friends
    Who Don’t Keep in Touch, Misbehave”

    By Jessica E. Vascellaro
    Staff Reporter

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