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Friday Fishwrap



No new post today. We’re gearing up for the Warriors parade this morning in Oakland and are so excited we can’t even think! But I want to give a big “thank you!” to the lovely people who came to my talk last night at the Napa Valley Wine Technical Group.

Have a great weekend.

  1. Steve delivered a great presentation Thursday night to the NVWTG. This a group mostly composed of the production people in the Napa wine industry: the lab jockeys, the cellar rats, and those of us who just keep attending because those are our roots. Some of us old timers like to attend in order to mingle with the new people coming up. Heidi Barrett twas there Thursday night as she often is. The group was founded in the 40’s. The original members included Louie Martini, Bob and Peter Mondavi, and Andre Tchellischeff. Something like 70 years ago they already had the vision that meeting together and sharing information would be good for everybody. This seems to have worked out–the rising tide raising all boats concept that frankly seems to be missing in so many other wine regions, where jealousy and competition rule. The group is mostly focused on technical issues (i.e, geeky stuff) but once in a while we have speakers like Steve, whose topics stretch us to think about marketing, social media, and so on. And he did that.

  2. I’ve had that problem in that I’m out of the way, so I’ve asked the customer if they could wait until the next visit to town would be OK. I’d say almost none had a problem with that. Then again I wasn’t selling wine.

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