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Taking the day off


I’ve come down with a nasty case of the flu even though I got my flu shot last November. How can this be? I put it up on my Facebook page and a lot of people said the same thing happened to them. So does the flu shot work, or doesn’t it? Anyhow, too feverish and achy to post today. I’ll try for tomorrow. Send me good thoughts.

  1. Pam Barksdale says:

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Lisa Wicker says:

    They…do not know “they” but, anyway…say the shot this year covers only 60 some odd percent of the flu strains this season. Never have been a “germ phob,” I work in the dirt. Trips this month to California, DC, France and Switzerland making me fastidious with the hand washing, paranoid about recycled air.

    Take care, be well.

  3. STEVE!
    I may have inadvertently infected you when I commented here a couple of weeks ago. It could be some sort of Internet virus.

    If you have the flu I had, take it very easy. It’s a nasty bug.

    Get well soon! Don’t worry about us, we’ll just play quietly in the corner.

  4. OK, you tried the flu shot and it did not work.

    Now, you need to go find a big bowl of chicken soup. It works like penicillin for our tribe.

  5. 49ers Down! Heimoff Down! What’s the third one?

  6. Patrick Frank says:

    I think I had that bug. Mine kept me down for a full week. Recipe for curing it: Chicken soup and a stack of videos.

  7. Get better soon!


  8. george kaplan says:

    Chicken soup and tokaj. Oh, and start reading Atlas Shrugged: you’ll be better in 2 days.

  9. Victoria Amato says:

    Not cool…Sending some “feel better vibes” your way. Get well soon!

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