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The folks who run the Wine Blog Awards announced finalists in the eight categories yesterday, and good old is one of five nominees for Best Overall Wine Blog.

I always thought they should change the name to Best Wine Blog, because I’m of a generation that thinks of “overalls” as a sort of trouser with shoulder straps.  But whatever, I’m glad to be so honored. Congratulations are streaming in. I’ve heard from the Pope, the Queen, the President, the First Lady and other friends of mine in San Francisco and Oakland who wish me well. You can, of course, vote for me if you choose to.

“You must believe me when I tell you” how difficult it is for me to ask for your vote. (Readers with a mind for history may understand why I stressed the above phrase. It is a reference to someone else who famously used those words. Do you know who, and what the statement was about? The winner gets a free one year subscription to this blog, as well as my respect for a knowledge of history at a time when history seems less important to many people than the newest Xbox.) It goes against my grain to solicit votes. I could never be a salesman, although I respect the successful of that species. It is embarrassing to ask people to do something that benefits, not them, but oneself. If you vote for me, let me know, and I’ll send you a three dollar bill, autographed by me personally.

Last year I was nominated for Best Writing, but didn’t win. For me, it’s always been about the writing, and writing, as writers know, is about voice. Voice is the soul of the writer, expressed in words. Human beings feel soul when it emanates from other living things–not just people, but animals. Horses and dogs have souls, and as a longtime cat owner, I know cats do, although they can be stubborn little things. For all I know, plants also have souls, and when I am in a contemplative mood I fancy I can sometimes feel the soul of a tree as it susurates in the breeze. I’m not sure about that, but I know that I pour my soul into this blog (for better or for worse), and if people like it, it’s because they’re tired of writing that’s rote, formulistic, inauthentic or inaccessible–writing that feels like it came out of a robot.

Tom Wark, who writes the Fermentation blog (also nominated  for Best Overall Blog), started the Wine Blog Awards some years ago. Yesterday, he came under some weird attacks in the blogosphere, for reasons I cannot understand. I’m not going to name the blogs where these attacks are coming from, because I don’t want to get involved in another round of blogger wars which thankfully have quieted down over the last year or two. But really, bloggers have much to thank Tom for and no reason to get upset or criticize him.

Getting this nomination is confirmation that my blog remains relevant going into its fourth year. We all want to feel connected to something bigger than ourselves and that our efforts are appreciated. Thank you out there for reading and liking and voting for me. It is for you I write this blog.

  1. sao anash says:

    Bless you, my child. And, congratulations.

    His Holiness, the Pope

  2. I now come here every day 🙂

  3. Would have liked to see you in the “Best Writing” group as well, but congrats all the same.

    Can’t get bothered by the nay-sayers. You will notice no one complains as openly about these awards until after they are passed up. It’s like the winemakers who LOVE the critic, until they get an 84. Then he is a jerk. Oh well. Such is the human way.

    Well done sir!

  4. That line was in Edward the Whatever’s abdication speech, which led to the stuttering guy getting the throne and then there was a movie.

  5. Richard says:

    It was Edward VIII, who became King when his father George V died; Edward fell in love with a divorced American woman (Wallis Simpson) and there was shock and awe that he could possible deign to be King. Thus, he abdicated in favor of his brother The Duke of York (the one portrayed in “The King’s Speech”) who became George VI and Edward became the Duke of Windsor. And… that’s where the quote comes from – Edward claims the decision to abdicate was his (it likely wasn’t) and that being King was a heavy burden that he couldn’t bear… Edward apparently and allegedly had some sort of “nervous issue;” his brother stuttered… many of the previous royals had porphyria… all this talk of royal inbreeding is not something to have on a wine blog Steve!

  6. In a shocking development, STEVE!, Sermontation, 1WineDoody, and Goofy Grape are nominated as Best Blog in Overalls. Who could have predicted that? RJ on Wine? Isn’t that what you do to lower the alchohol?

    Congratulations, Steve. It is Tom Wark who deserves the credit (or blame) for promoting wine blogs, but you deserve credit for raising the standards for thoughtfulness, writing and candor. Not sure what winning a Poodle will do for you, but good luck.

    I’m still stunned I wasn’t asked to be a judge.

  7. Richard is correct! Your autographed $3 bill is in the mail.

  8. Pete is also correct!

  9. george kaplan says:

    You had my vote until suserates. Now I let “I dare not” wait upon” I would”, like the cat in the adage.

  10. George: Day-um. I dare say I should have used a simpler word!

  11. Thanks Steve – it will become one of my most treasured possessions and I will sleep with it under my pillow as I susurrate sweet nothings…

  12. george kaplan says:

    I’ll bet George VI couldn’t susurrate, or say the word.

  13. Carlos Toledo says:

    Steve, congrats. I am glad i have such a good taste regarding the blogs i choose to follow.

    Question: First Lady and Queen from which countries?

    There are several of them out there….

  14. Carlos, that remark was intended humorously!

  15. Congrats on the nomination. Thanks for all the work you put into sailing this blog. Cheers to the future!

  16. Congrats on the nod and the nom! How does one vote if one were so inclined? Cheers & Gompai!

  17. Kathi, you can vote at

  18. Much deserved congrats to you sir! I’m very much looking forward to meeting you at The Chardonnay Symposium. Cheers!

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