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Top 10, twice


Top 10 wines of the week

Lots of old, familiar names on this week’s list.

Flora Springs 2008 Hillside Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon (Rutherford); $100. 347 cases, 14.2%.

Dragon’s Tooth 2007 Bordeaux Blend (Napa Valley); $75. 14.2%, cases not reported. From Trefethen.

Talley 2008 Rosemary’s Vineyard Pinot Noir (Arroyo Grande Valley); $70. 399, 13.9%.

Sinor-LaVallee 2008 Talley-Rincon Vineyard Pinot Noir (Arroyo Grande Valley); $40. 73, 14.8%

Signorello 2009 Hope’s Cuvee Chardonnay (Napa Valley); $65. 72, 13.9%

Shafer 2008 Merlot (Napa Valley); $48. 7200, 15.3%

Truchard 2008 Syrah (Carneros); $28. 1,035, 14.3%

Robert Foley 2009 Charbono (Napa Valley); $35. 1,400, 13.5%

Jeff Gordon 2008 Jeff Gordon Collection Chardonnay (Carneros);  $45. 238, 14.2%

Chappellet 2008 Signature Cabernet Sauvigno (Napa Valley); $48. 8,125, 14.9%

Top 10 wine destinations for men

From the Men’s website, here are the favorite wine destinations for dudes in the world:

Napa Valley
Ribera del Duero
Barossa Valley
California Central Coast/South of France [tie]

  1. Question: Are the top ten the results of your havding tasted them this last week? If not, what’s the routine?

  2. Tom, yes, the top ten are my highest scoring wines of the last 7 days. The only complicating factor is that sometimes there are “tied” wines from the same winery, i.e., let’s say 2 or 3 different single vineyard Pinots from the same winery. Sometimes I might mention them as “also see” and sometimes I don’t. I choose the one I think deserves the attention.

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