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More Wine World TV with Steve


For Full Size Video Click Here

  1. A glimpse into the life of Steve!

    Those shorts speak volumes, by the way – LOUD volumes! 🙂


  2. Definitive proof that it’s not easy being a wine critic.

    You rock

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with 1WineDude: this is great stuff, Steve. Personalizing your blog like this makes it even more enjoyable. When’s the next installment?

  4. Rusty, I’ll do videos from time to time. I’m trying to find different ways to express myself in this blog and video is one of them.

  5. I love the shorts! Where’d you get those. I want a pair!

  6. Richard: Sears!

  7. Completely cool. Watch out Gary V as Steve H brings his videographer into the tasting room. Probably some issues to work out with Wine Enthusiast first. Alternatively you can do your version of more mellow interviews with wine world luminaries, where you don’t step on guests’ comments and use 69 cents words.

    Question: What about FedEx deliveries. Similar arrangement at a Kinkos?

    P.S. Gary is coming to your neck of the woods to promote the Crush it movement as part of a prestigious lecture series that includes Stewart Brand, Deepak Chopra, Harvard philosophy professor Michael Sandel (not to be missed), Richard Dawkins, Lang Lang etc.

  8. Well, la-ti-da! Look at you, Mr. Big Time Wine Critic!
    Sears? How is an everyday, Walmart-shopping commonman supposed to relate to THAT? 😉

  9. Gee maybe I shoulda drove my Rolls instead of the Camry.

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