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Lookout Ridge: Doing well by doing good


I don’t usually single out individual wineries for praise in this blog. There are many that are involved in charitable activities, which is only fair, as there are a good many rich people in this industry, and many worthy causes to support. But today, I do want to talk about Lookout Ridge. This is a Kenwood-based winery owned by a guy by the name of Gordon Holmes, whom I’ve never met. I’ve followed their wines for a few years and found them to be quite good.

What’s so cool about Lookout Ridge is that all profits go to providing free wheelchairs for disabled people around the world, through their Wine for Wheels program. What’s also cool is that Holmes has recruited top winemaking stars to donate their talents, and each of these winemakers deserves credit. For example, Cathy Corison makes a Kronos Vineyard Cab, Greg La Follette makes a Van der Kamp Pinot Noir, Andy Erickson (Screaming Eagle) makes a Cab, Marco DiGiulio crafts a Syrah and a Cab, and Gerhard Reisacher (Delectus) also makes a Napa Cab. The wines are pricey — $100 for each of the new releases. That buys a lot of wheelchairs.

The news hasn’t been particularly cheerful lately, but every once in a while, there’s something bright and hopeful to report. Lookout Ridge is one such.

All I want for Christmas is…

…my very own Fort Knox wine rack.

Luxist says “the Fort Knox displays and protects a single prized bottle inside a cage of shining gold.” It’s the perfect gift during a Depression for a loved one, or even yourself, you betcha! The price is “available upon request,” which means if you have to ask, you can’t afford it. If you readers want to take up a collection for me, you can send the check to my offshore account in the Caymans. I’ll let you know what special bottle I proudly display in my Fort Knox bling.

  1. Hey Steve,

    Still waiting for you to “ardently” defend the comments you made about Mutineer Magazine. I’m going to be up in Napa/Sonoma next week if you want to chat in person over a glass of wine. Interested?



  2. I wrote about Lookout Ridge a few weeks ago. I also had the pleasure of meeting Gordon, a great guy with a fantastic cause. If people aren’t up for the $100 price tag (which equates to donating one wheelchair) they also offer a selection of “Library” wines at $50 a bottle. A case of those purchases one wheelchair. I bought a bottle of the library Syrah as I found it to be fantastic.

  3. JD in Napa says:

    Hey, Alan. Nobody cares, pal. Give it a rest.

  4. T. Vierra says:

    Wow, very persistent this Alan character…enough already!

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