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Report: American wine industry healthy

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Wine Intelligence, a London-based wine industry consulting and market research firm, is reporting that American wine is doing just fine, and that “there is still huge potential for building sales, particularly among less regular wine drinkers.”

The report finds that “Americans are embracing wine as never before as a younger generation of health-conscious and cosmopolitan drinkers discover the pleasures of a glass or two with a meal.” But “wine is still not a mainstream product in most parts of the US,” said Graham Holter, an associate publisher at Wine Intelligence.

There are about 73 million regular wine drinkers in the U.S., but 85 million adult Americans don’t drink alcohol of any kind. Among wine drinkers, 40 percent account for 80 percent of wine’s market value.

The report divided wine drinkers into 5 unique groups: Generation Treaters (wine is an integral part of their lives); Premium Brand Suburbans (highly involved with wine, but don’t see themselves as experts); Senior Sippers (the oldest segment, a group that enjoys wine with food); Kitchen Casuals (with a low interest in wine, they’re not opposed to screwtops) and Un-Engageds (may drink, but wine is not a part of their lifestyle).

The report suggests that wine marketers concentrate their efforts to raise per capita consumption among less regular wine consumers, such as Un-Engageds and Kitchen Casuals.

  1. Dr. Horowitz says:

    “5 unique groups?” Do these groups not talk to each and never interact?

    I like how “Get Back in the Box” by Rushkoff addresses this type of psychographic and demographic profiling. He also talk about it on The Persuaders (

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