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Technorati: The State of the Blogosphere is Very Good


Technorati, an online search engine for searching blogs, is issuing its second annual State of the Blogosphere report in 5 parts, running all this week. It’s extremely worth keeping up with, as it’s become the go-to overview on the developing world of all blogs, not just wine.

Day 1’s analysis was on Who Are the Bloggers? Technorati reports we’re mostly college graduates, and nearly half of us attended grad school. (I did.) We skew male, and have a household income above $75,000. (Ditto here.) Half of bloggers are on their second blog (I now have 2) and 59% have been blogging for more than 2 years. (I started just last May.)

Day 2, The What and Why of Blogging, asked why blogs have become so big, so fast. Technorati couldn’t really answer this question, but in interviewing bloggers they found most “consider their style to be sincere, conversational, humorous and expert.” Most bloggers do not engage in tell-all gossip, and don’t want to. I’ll offer this thought on blogging’s explosive popularity: It’s the Internet, which is the biggest thing in the world! People were addicted to the Internet before blogging got big; blogs just give them one more reason to go to their computers.

Day 3’s topic was The How of Blogging. This was of particular interest to me. I was not surprised to find that one in four bloggers spends at least ten hours a week at blogging. Nor was I surprised by this finding: “The most influential bloggers are even more prolific.” I probably spend 12-15 hours a week blogging, if you count the research that goes into the back end of a proper post. Technorati also said that bloggers are “tremendously sophisticated in leveraging the available tools to make their blogs more robust,” such as video and photos. I posted a You Tube video here a while back, and I plan to do so again, because people seemed to like it.

Day 4’s topic (today) is Blogging for Profit. Technorati addressed only one revenue stream: advertising, although surely there are other potential sources. Slightly less than half of all bloggers surveyed have no advertising, with the majority explaining they’re not interested in making money. But I know for certain that a lot of wine bloggers would like to make as much money as they can through their blogs. And I wouldn’t bet against them. They’re smart cookies. As for this blog, I don’t make a dime off it. I do not accept advertising, yet. I may look into it someday, but right now, it’s too much of a hassle.

Tomorrow’s topic is called Brands Enter the Blogosphere. I guess Technorati is referring to big companies. That’s already happening, bigtime. Here is Fortune Magazine’s list of 500 corporate blogs, defined as “active public blogs by company employees about the company and/or its products.” (I have to assume the employer companies are aware of them and approve.) They include Boeing, Google, General Motors, Xerox and Wells Fargo. And many wineries have started blogs. A blog is good public relations, and a cheap investment that could have big payoffs. The business world obviously believes there’s money to be made in blogs.

  1. Dr. Horowitz says:

    Thanks for not posting ads on your blog, especially the blinking ones.

  2. Dr. Horowitz: You’re welcome.


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