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Tasting with the stars


When Tom Wark, over at Fermentation, recently named me a top “American Public Wine Intellectual,” I knew I had to do something to lighten up my image. So here (with due apologies to Gary V.) is my statement that, sometimes, wine critics just want to have fun. Click here to view video.

P.S. Please check out my new blog at Wine Enthusiast.

  1. Steven Mirassou says:


    You can’t hear me man, but I’m snapping my fingers! Nicely done. Wine Writer=real person. Cool.

    Steven Mirassou

  2. Excellent show, Steve! Your impeccable tasting methods remind me of some rigorous methodology I just heard about with another publication in how they award great restaurant wine lists…

  3. The closing music could use more cowbell.

  4. That was the most hilarious parody I’ve seen in…oh…forever. Best part: pulling the rating out of a BROWN BAG (which is where the wine should have been). Too, too funny. I hope to see more Steve TV in the future.

  5. Mark: I couldn’t possibly comment on the other publication’s “rigor.” ; >
    Dale: I’ll pass your observation along to the band.
    Gretchen: Thanks. There just may be more Steve TV ahead, you never know.

  6. Good fun! Awesome candelabra and spitting technique!

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