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House Judiciary: “Trump, you stand Guilty before the Bar of History!”

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The most ridiculous, stupidest, dumbest, more ingenuous and fake thing I heard in yesterday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing on Impeachment came from Douglas Collins, the Republican ranking member who’s been one of the more incendiary firebrands on Trump’s side. He said (I paraphrase) that the Democrats don’t have a case because they won’t subpoena Hunter Biden to testify.

Did you ever have one of those experiences when you didn’t know whether to laugh or cry? No, the Democrats have no intention of letting Hunter Biden testify, because he has nothing—nada—zero—zilch to do with the Case Against Donald J. Trump. But it’s the Republicans, led by Trump, who are preventing authentically relevant witnesses from testifying: Bolton, Giuliani, Pompeo, Pence, and others, all of whom are implicated in the Ukraine bribery scandal up to their necks.

If you’ve been watching the hearings you’ve seen the Republicans’ faux outrage. How dare, they allege, Democrats accuse this wonderful, brilliant president of anything bad? Of course, when it comes to the facts of the case, they’re mute. There is no rebuttal to the facts: Trump, fearful of his strongest opponent, Joe Biden, attempted to bribe the president of Ukraine to announce a fake “investigation” that he, Trump, could then use to smear Biden. Smear: Trump’s favorite thing to do. Smear Hillary—smear the Gold Star parents—smear Greta Thunberg—smear, smear, smear—it’s what this foul-mouthed bloated dotard does. Trump then obstructed Congress from performing its Constitutionally-mandated job by instructing his lemmings to defy subpoenas to testify. Those are the facts: Republicans haven’t offered a single defense, because there isn’t one.

And so they fulminate. Posture. Pound the table. Sputter incoherently. Democrats are trying to undo the 2016 election! Well, yes, Democrats are impeaching Trump, but the Constitution—the one that Trump routinely pisses on—gives them the right to do so. And not only the right: the duty. When a president commits High Crimes and Misdemeanors, as this one has, the Congress has no choice but to move expeditiously to get rid of him, fast, so he can do no more damage.

P.S. Thank you, House Judiciary Committee Democratic members, for your historic decision this morning: to Impeach this lawless, illegitimate president. Now, the full House will Impeach Trump, while House Republicans will aid and abet his criminality, followed in due course by their supine co-conspirators in the Senate.

Trump is shamed and embarrassed before the country and before the world: Democrats have shown our global friends that one at least one American political party—Democrats—still respects the ideals of justice and the rule of law. The other political party—the one Trump, the sham “president,” belongs to—has thrown itself onto the scrap heap of history, alongside other discredited criminal cults. A sad ending to the Party of Lincoln; today’s Republicans bear more resemblance to Nazis and Fascists. History has a neat way of consigning evil to its darkest, most impugned corners; that is where the Republican Party will long fester.

LARDER MAGE! or, the Trump Playbook


Every badly-behaved child has a bag of tricks he reaches into when he’s caught with his dirty little hand in the cookie jar. It’s what little kids do, to try to deflect blame and punishment when they know they’ve done something wrong. Trump, who is like a little kid in the bad sense of being self-centered and amoral, has his own devices to ward off blame. We’re so used to his stunts by now that they seem almost normal, but we ought not to forget that they’re not normal—that in fact they’re quite perverse. Behaving badly and then throwing a tantrum would be bad enough in an average adult, but when they’re the tactics of the President of the United States, they’re not only perverse, they’re dangerous: we have a narcissistic adolescent in charge of America, with a pudgy finger on the nuclear trigger.

Here are some of Trump’s stunts, in what I call the Trump Playbook. Have I missed any?

Whatever you’re accused of, accuse your accusers of the same thing.

Example: When Trump was caught red-handed conspiring with Russia to investigate Democrats (“Russia, if you’re listening…”), he accused Democrats of conspiring with Ukraine to investigate him.

When you can’t defend yourself because the facts are against you, turn to ad hominem attacks on your accusers.

Example: Democrats are evil, unpatriotic, ugly. The media is the enemy of the people. Hillary is crooked. The Bidens are criminals.

Whenever Russia is suspected of nefarious activity against the U.S., distract the people with ridiculous red herrings.

Example: The hacking into DNC computers might have been done by a 400-pound guy in his bedroom. (Pelosi: “All roads lead to Russia.”)

Pander to the least educated of your base.

Example: Pretend to be a Christian; speak at Liberty University; invite evangelical preachers to lay hands on you in the White House.

Lie, all the time, about everything.

Example: You had the biggest inaugural crowd ever. You won the popular vote in 2016. Obama was born in Kenya. You didn’t know anything about the Trump Tower meeting your son presided over.

Level baseless charges against your political enemies.

Example: Obama tapped Trump’s phone at Trump Tower. The Obama FBI inserted spies into Trump’s 2016 campaign. The U.S. intelligence community are Democrats and hence never-Trumpers.

Choose as your defenders people with little or no integrity, who are willing to subvert American values, and who can be bullied into submission through fear and intimidation.

Example: Republicans in the House and Senate.

Repeat the same clichés over and over, a la Goebbels.

Example: Witch hunt. Fake news. My phone call was perfect. I’m the greatest president in history.

Refuse to recognize Congress as a co-equal branch of government.

Example: Ignore subpoenas for documents and witness testimony requested by the House of Representatives. (This is the basis for the Article 2, Obstruction of Congress.)

Come to secret agreements with America’s enemies that are to America’s detriment.

Example: Every conversation Trump has had with Putin.

Stage manage the news by refusing to answer questions from the independent press.

Example:  Stop holding regular press briefings. Appear only before friendly audiences, such as Fox “News.”

Claim that the Constitution allows you to do anything you want, with no checks or balances.

Example: Everything Trump does.

And there you have it: Trump’s Playbook, or, How to become a dictator.

P.S. Carter Page. Smarter Rage. Farter Days. Parter Schmage. Who the fuck knows who Carter Page is? Not one Republican in 100. He’s just some dude. But now they can scream from the rooftop, CARTER PAGE! HARTER STAGE! That lets their Fuehrer off the hook.

Louie Gohmert, Jim Jordan et. al, AKA The Chorus: SHINY OBJECT! LOOK OVER HERE! SHINY OBJECT! GARTER SAGE!     

“I have a favor to ask you, though…”


Chairman Nadler: “The Committee will come to order.”


Had enough? Let’s impeach this bastard and get on.

The Impeachment Hearings


I’ve been watching to Impeachment hearings on T.V., sort of. I mean, I’m not glued to the tube for every moment. I generally catch the morning opening statements, and I’ll tune in occasionally throughout the day, and of course I try to fathom how the media is covering the news at night. But otherwise, no. This time around, the Impeachment of Donald John Trump doesn’t have, for me, the compelling drama of the Impeachment of Richard Milhouse Nixon.

(I’m totally ignoring the Impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton because—again for me—that was a non-event. We had a sexually prurient special prosecutor, Kenneth Starr, working at the behest of Clinton haters in the Congress, and the best he could come up with—after years of investigative snooping—was an extra-marital affair.)

But the main reason why I’m not watching every moment of the Impeachment hearings is because they’re redundant. We all know exactly what Trump did. Nobody is disputing the facts. They can’t. Trump, afraid of Joe Biden, tried to extort or bribe the president of Ukraine into launching, or announcing the launching, of an investigation of Biden and his son, Hunter. Trump did this solely in order to muddy the waters in the upcoming campaign. While Trump himself is at the center of a dozen, or more, really nasty scandals, he is trying to befuddle voters by raising totally fake charges against the Bidens. He knows there’s no “there there.” He doesn’t care. His purpose is to throw just enough doubt into just enough independent voters to squeak through to re-election with another 75,000-vote edge.

So I already know the facts. But there’s another reason I’m not really watching, and that’s because the sight and sound of these Republicans defending the indefensible is incredibly offensive to me. I’ve seen and heard a lot of political nonsense in my life. I’ve heard lies and smears. But what these Republicans are offering up is breaking into brand new territory for chutzpah. Everybody knows—I would hope everybody knows—that no Republican actually believes there’s anything on the Bidens, or Hillary, or Obama, or the FBI, or anyone but themselves. I would hope everybody knows, in the consciousness of their own private thoughts, that Trump really has violently broken the law by trying to get foreign countries to intervene in our election for his own personal gain. I would hope they know that Trump’s behavior constitutes High Crimes and Misdemeanors. I can’t believe that there’s a single Republican who doesn’t know these things. But the fact that they’re not admitting it, and are defending this president’s unConstitutional behavior, can mean only one thing: they don’t care that the President of the United States is lawless. All they care about is that he’s appointing judges who they believe will uphold their small government Christian agenda, and undoing years of careful government stewardship of the environment, of health and safety laws, of worker protections.

And this is why Democrats are fighting back. After three years of witnessing Trump’s unrelieved attack on our Constitution, on our way of life, we have to do something. Speaker Pelosi, bless her, withheld support for Impeachment for as long as she could. She knew that the country needed something more solid to base Removal on than the Mueller Report; bad as it was for Trump, it failed to persuade Americans, other than Democrats, that it warranted removal from office.

Then Trump pulled off this Ukraine stunt. I will admit that the specific two House articles against him occur against the background of everything else he’s done that is evil, horrible, offensive, disgusting and insulting to America and the office of the Presidency. House Democrats chose to limit their allegations, ignoring the details of the Mueller Report. Whether that was correct, I do not know; History will decide. But what I know is that this deviant president must go. My respect for the history of our country demands this; my knowledge of the rise of Adolf Hitler, with which the rise of Trump provides exact parallels, further justifies it.

Yet the Republicans will stop at nothing. When an irresistible force meets an unmovable object, what happens? Does the resulting collision end with a bang, or a whimper? We may be about to find out.

A tipping point in Oakland’s struggle with tent camps in parks


Some years ago, the first tents began appearing in Oakland’s Lake Shore Park, which is down the block from me. Soon, the tents spread across the street, to the little park around the Oakland Senior Center and Veteran’s Administration building. In 2016, I began imploring my city councilwoman, Lynette Gibson-McElhaney, to do something about it. How inappropriate it was for homeless tents to be in a park where old people and veterans are at risk—not to mention where little children from St. Paul’s Episcopal School play on the lawn.

Many of my neighbors joined me in my protests, to no avail. Over the past year, the encampment at the Senior/VA Center spread, until it became a huge, unsightly and unhealthy sprawl, with piles of rotting clothes, broken shopping carts, discarded junk food containers, rats, and, yes, human excrement. This is at the entrance to the part of Oakland known as Uptown, the city’s most vibrant district, a symbol of Oakland’s rebirth. The dirty tent city became a symbol of Uptown, of my city: no wonder tech companies are reluctant to relocate here! At the same time, other city parks had it even worse. Several, such as Mosswood, were completely overrun with tents: parents complained that they dare not bring their children there anymore. City government didn’t care. The situation became egregious.

My councilmember, Gibson-McElhaney, claimed to be concerned, but professed to be powerless. So-called homeless advocates, she and others said, were just too pushy. Any elected official who tried to remove camps from public parks was harassed. These “advocates” would show up at City Council meetings and disrupt them. They never were in the majority, but they were experts at screaming and shouting—and the local press, of course, quickly discovered their newsworthiness and gave them added publicity.

And then something happened. Last month, Oakland officials announced they’re placing a new parcel tax on the March, 2020 ballot. It would assess every homeowner $148 a year to pay for “maintenance of the parks.”

Now, this was against the backdrop of a previous parcel tax, Measure AA, that Oakland put on the ballot last year. It failed to garner the two-thirds majority for a tax hike that is required by state law. But that didn’t stop Oakland’s mayor, Libby Schaaf, and pro-homeless City Council members from trying to impose it. They said they didn’t care whether or not the measure legally passed—they were approving the parcel tax anyway!

That was so outrageous that several groups sued the city. You can’t just ignore the law! But Schaaf & Co. refused to obey the Superior Court’s ruling. They argued that election results don’t matter and neither do court decisions. (Sound familiar? Trump makes the same ridiculous points.)

Meanwhile, yesterday the local papers reported that, in a dramatic shift, Oakland city officials have changed their minds and now favor eliminating all camps from public parks! The city’s homeless czar, Joe DeVries, declared that parks should off-limits for tents. Unnamed city staff were quoted as saying that the parks are unusable by ordinary citizens due to the sprawling encampments.

It makes me wonder why, after years of inaction, DeVries, Schaaf and other Oakland officials suddenly recognize that camps in parks are strongly opposed by a majority of Oaklanders. Could it because of the fiasco of Measure AA? Oakland’s decision to disregard the will of the voters made it a laughingstock, and worse: it discredited the city, destroying the trust people have in their government. If the peoples’ votes are meaningless, then why bother to have elections?

It’s clear that DeVries and his colleagues finally understand that Measure AA is dead, and they might as well give up and stop trying to sneak it through. They also understand that there is zero chance that their March 2020 parcel tax will pass. Why on earth would Oaklanders vote to tax themselves for “park maintenance” when their parks are unusable? Why would they believe a cynical city government that has allowed, if not actively encouraged, homeless people to set up tent cities in public parks?

Well, DeVries and his colleagues apparently saw the light on their road to Damascus. We all feel sorry for homeless people. We all wish they could find housing. But there have to be limits. An orderly, civilized society cannot allow dangerous, dirty tent encampments to pop up willy-nilly—especially in public parks, which are entirely paid for by the taxpayers, who have a right to expect their parks to be clean, safe and pleasant.

When and if Oakland moves to expel the camps from the parks, they’ll encounter fierce opposition from homeless advocates and their lawyers, who will do what they do best: sue. But the law is quite clear: No camping in public parks. Period. The city has a legal obligation to keep the parks clean; it does not have a legal obligation to allow homeless people to live there.

The battle to evict the campers will be nasty, but a majority of Oaklanders will support it, including me. There are vast areas of public land where the tent camps can safely and legally be relocated, such as the 1,560-acre former Oakland Army Base. Having all the camps in one location would make providing services much easier, effective and less costly. I hope this is the approach that Schaaf and the City Council adopt, because it’s the one the people of Oakland expect and demand.

Live from the House Judiciary Committee!


What would Republican members have said if they’d been defending previous monsters in history?

James Sensenbrenner: “Members of the Tribunal, no evidence whatsoever has been provided by these Democrats to prove that my client, Adolf Hitler, did or said anything to provoke the murder of 6,000,000 Jews.”

Jim Jordan: “It is a patent hoax that my client, Pol Pot, murdered millions of his own people in Cambodia. That lie was spread by Hillary Clinton and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez!”

Matt Gaetz: “I am here representing an innocent man, Attila the Hun, against outrageous lies from liberals that he impaled people, raped women and wiped out entire villages!”

Louie Gohmert: “We shall provide evidence that Mr. Idi Amin, far from being the murderous monster Democrats portray him as, actually is a kindly philanthropist, who tried to stop Hillary Clinton from destroying the planet!”

Doug Collins: “Saddam Hussein is a good, decent man. His record with respect to his people is perfect. Why are Democrats, who routinely kill innocent civilians, trying to frame him?”

Steve Chabot: “The lies being spread by Demon-crats about Kenneth Dahmer are outrageous. There is no evidence that he killed anyone, much less ate them.”

Martha Roby: “How dare these Democrats accuse Mr. Ted Bundy of doing anything wrong? Why, as a woman and a Republican, I can tell you, Nobody that handsome and Christian could be a murderer!”

Debbie Lesko: “This hearing is a total sham. My client, the Asteroid, did smash into the Earth—but she did NOT kill off the dinosaurs! Democrats haven’t offered a shred of proof to the contrary!”

* * *

Well, readers, that was a bit of fantasy. It was brought on by listening to opening statements yesterday from Republicans at the Judiciary Committee’s first hearings—statements that are in total defiance of the facts, and simply prove that these Republicans will support any crime by Trump, as long as they get their tax cuts, money from their big religious and corporate donors, golf outings with their leader, and assurances that they will not get primaried.

I need not point out my outrage at their conduct—you’re as outraged as I. I need not point out how severely History will treat them. You already know that. All I want to do, by writing these words, is to be with you—commiserate with you—empathize and sympathize with you. We are appalled, but it’s better to be appalled with your friends than alone.

Yet we are not alone. A majority of the American people wants to impeach and remove this president, this stain on our nation. He will be impeached. He will not be convicted by his tools in the Senate. He will then scream “EXONERATION!” at the top of his boorish lungs, and the fools, traitors and vulgarians who support him will erupt in cheers. When the Senate acquits, it will be a hard time for Democrats—a time of testing. There will be voices (some on our side) crying out against Schiff, or Pelosi, or Democratic strategy in general. Let us not be distracted by those voices. They are wrong, We are right. This president has committed High Crimes and Misdemeanors, and the House Democrats had no choice—no choice at all—but to uphold their Constitutional duty by conducting these hearings and voting to impeach. What Trump is accused of really is awful. His crimes weren’t petty; they are blatant and monumental and ongoing. He is the most corrupt president in our history, and his Republican Party is the worst, the most treasonous and despicable, since the nation’s founding.

So let the chips fall where they may. We have to protect America, our freedoms and our basic democracy. We will not yield! As Speaker Pelosi said at her press conference this morning, “Don’t Mess With Me!”

What will be Trump’s legacy?


Whether or not he wins a second term, Donald Trump will have a presidential legacy.

Every president does, whether it’s a do-nothing legacy (Warren Harding, James Buchanan) or a legacy so massive it defines politics for decades if not centuries (FDR, Washington, Lincoln, JFK). So what will Trump’s legacy be?

We have first to look at what he has actually accomplished. There was the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, which essentially lowered taxes on the top 1% of the wealthiest Americans, and provided little relief to anyone else, except for corporations like Amazon, which now pays nothing in taxes. That is a legacy, of sorts, and Republicans make much of it. But it’s not particularly innovative and in fact is a bit stale. Tax cuts are what every Republican president does. Trump joins Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush in that regard. Trump is merely the latest tax cutter, at a time when our deficits and debt are exploding and Republicans don’t give a damn.

Anything else? Trump brags about the economy, but the fact is (and I’ve pointed this out many times), the recovery after the George W. Bush Great Recession actually began in the Fall of 2009, shortly after Obama took office. At that time, the stock market began a steady climb (and continues to do so today), while unemployment began a steady fall (resulting in the historically low jobless figures we see today). No Republican will ever credit Obama for presiding over the Recovery. Hell, Republicans won’t even acknowledge that recoveries happen by themselves; given time, any recession or even depression will self-correct. In this case, according to Republicans, the Great Recession was caused by Obama–or Hillary–or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez–who knows? And we’d still be in it if Donald Trump hadn’t been elected.

What else has Trump accomplished in a positive sense? We have to give him credit for packing the courts with conservatives. However, it’s too early to say how this will play out. Predictions about how courts will rule are notoriously imprecise; all those Republican judges and Justices may well turn out to be not as bad as we thought, now that they have lifetime appointments and don’t have to answer to, say, the Koch Brothers. At the level of the Supreme Court, SCOTUS has always been unpredictable: Eisenhower’s “conservatives” turned out to be pretty liberal, and the ultra-conservative John Roberts approved ending Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and also enabled same-sex marriage.

The Border Wall? As the French say, c’est a rire: a joke. Hasn’t been built, won’t be built, despite Trump’s repeated claims otherwise. Relations with our allies? Wrecked by Trump’s foolishness. Is the world safer because of Trump? Not by a long shot. Wars and threats everywhere; allies who no longer trust us. Climate change? Trump obviously is missing in action. Domestic tranquility? Shattered by the most partisan, hated president in modern history.

This latter catastrophe—the shredding of bipartisanship, the mortal wounding of our collective will, the destruction of our common amity—is going to be Trump’s legacy: Trump the Destroyer. Under this president, historians will record, the U.S. came the closest to civil war since 1860—and we don’t yet know if he actually will inspire or provoke a real one. Under this president, the traditional norms of American society, which have held us together in war and peace, good economic times and bad, have shattered. The trust of Americans—in the media, in their leaders, in education, in science, in truth, in each other—has been eroded, possibly beyond repair anytime soon; and the proximate cause has been Donald J. Trump. With his litany of lies, his catering to the most ignorant elements of the culture, his absolute refusal to cooperate with Democrats, Trump has systematically dismantled the foundations of America, the bedrock principles upon which our country has existed and thrived. History will record that Donald J. Trump came along and demolished America. The only question historians will long debate is: Why?

We can’t really know Trump’s motives. I think no one believes he has a political philosophy, beyond Republican talking points like cutting taxes and building up the military. These aren’t his own, developed views: they’re the bullet points of the Republican National Committee and the Heritage Foundation. Does Trump have pecuniary motives? For example, does he have real estate deals pending in Turkey? In Russia? (We know he longs to build a Moscow Trump Tower.) In Ukraine? We might uncover these things in years to come but it won’t be easy because Trump will do, say and spend anything in order to conceal them. Or does Trump perhaps have psycho-pathological motives that would explain his recklessness?

Most likely his motives are combinations of all the above. But ultimately, it doesn’t matter why he does the things he does. What matters is that he does them. And that will be his legacy. Trump destroyed the America of history, the Founders’ America, JFK’s New Frontier, LBJ’s Great Society, Reagan’s shining city on a hill–the country most of our ancestors came to in order to live free.

Trump may not live long enough to witness this rendering of his legacy, or to feel shamed by it. But his descendants will. One day, Donald Trump, Jr., Ivanka, Eric and various other spawn and in-laws will be in the same position as the children of Nazi chieftains after the war and the Nuremberg trials. Many of them had to change their names and go into hiding, afraid or embarrassed to admit they were the child of Hermann Goering, or Josef Goebbels, or Heinrich Himmler. Let it be the same for Trump’s seed.

This Utah teacher gives all Christians a bad name


We don’t know the name of the teacher who was fired for giving her fifth-grade students a Christian lecture that “homosexuality is wrong.”

She’d asked her students what they’re grateful for this Thanksgiving, and one of them, an 11-year old boy identified only as D.M., replied that he was grateful for his two Dads. The teacher proceeded to harangue the class for ten minutes on the evils of homosexuality; she actually told D.M., “That’s nothing to be thankful for.”

We might never have known about this horrible incident were it not for three girls in the class. The girls “asked [the teacher] to stop multiple times,” but when the teacher continued her homophobic diatribe, “they walked out of the room to get the principal.”

The teacher was immediately escorted from the school and fired.

Thank goodness for the decency of the principal, and for those three little girls. Their parents must be very proud of them.

It won’t surprise me if the unidentified teacher finds some Christian law firm to sue the school district. There are all sorts of private organizations representing Christian lawyers, who defend their clients against legitimate charges of bigotry, discrimination, slander and civil rights violations, such as those bakers in Colorado who refused to serve a cake to a gay couple who were getting married (a decision upheld by the Christian-dominated U.S. Supreme Court). The fired teacher probably didn’t intend to get herself in trouble, but once she found herself there, she may be thinking she can make some serious money from her experience and at the same time defend her religious beliefs. And, given the makeup of our increasingly conservative-Christian courts, she may be right.

Because, you see, it doesn’t matter that that teacher is a hopelessly bigoted, vile woman. It’s one thing to hold a private belief about homosexuality, but it’s quite another to haul that prejudice into a public school classroom and then unleash it on a group of eleven-year olds. What trauma the child of the two Dads must have experienced! “It’s absolutely ridiculous and horrible what she did,” one of the Dads told a newspaper reporter who interviewed him. He added, “This situation really hurt him. This person really hurt us.”

The rightwing, religious faction of the Republican Party is repugnant for many, many reasons (including continuing to support an amoral, greedy adulterer and liar who is the opposite of Christian decency), but surely one of their most egregious sins is their ongoing campaign against same sex love and marriage. Despite the fact that the United States Supreme Court legalized gay marriage, these homophobes continue to mobilize, hoping that a future Court (one dominated by Christian radical conservatives like Gorsuch and Kavanaugh) will overturn Obergefell v. Hodges.

That seems unlikely, given the Court’s traditional respect for precedence, or stare decisis.

But the thing to realize is that we’re now dealing with a group of revolutionaries—radically Christianized rightwing conservatives—who wish to overturn many of the fundamental tenets of American society, and the Court’s historic embrace of precedence may not matter anymore to the Christian extremists on the Court. They may feel that they have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do away with same sex marriage and if they don’t act soon, they’ll be stuck with it forever. We can’t know how this will turn out, and there doesn’t seem to be a case out there in the lower courts that will float up to SCOTUS and give the Christians the opportunity to strike a blow (no pun intended) against homosexuality. The point is that the Christian haters, like that Utah schoolteacher, aren’t going away. They’re thoroughly radicalized; they’re attempting to radicalize others (including children), and even death won’t stop them, because new haters are being manufactured every day, on the assembly line of the Christian Gay-Hating Factory.

Still, remember those three little girls, who saw injustice and decided to oppose it. And remember the school that fired the damned teacher, and vowed that she would never, ever be allowed to teach there again. If only everybody in America were that noble.

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